Pickup Truck Race & Offroad

Product Description Play and race with fun toy Pickup Trucks! I loved playing with toy 4WD trucks as a small child, so I worked with my children to make a simple, easy to play with toy pickup app. Each pickup truck is full 3D, with suspension, tires, headlights, and a honking horn. Play through mud and dirt in race, contest pulls, and off road rescue modes. Use taps to power up to pull out stuck car and win pulling contests! Too dirty? Run your pickup through the car wash! Select your favorite from several types and colors, then race through city, desert, snow, and even night time! Plus we added safety tips after each level for your kids to learn as they play. My three year-old loves it, and we hope your little kids love it, too!


  • High resolution, interactive, 3D pickup trucks with suspension and lights
  • Easy, clear button controls for little fingers
  • Safety tips to help kids learn
  • Lots of fun levels and different pickup trucks
  • Fun dirt and mud effects - plus a CAR WASH to clean your favorite 4x4!

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20 January 2015

The game is really lame. It only has the same vechles as Race and Chase, but with bigger tires. Plus, it's paid. Don't try.


28 December 2014

The vehicles choices are good and mud then car wash is my kids favorite part