Pinball Invaders

Use Pinball controls to defeat the oncoming alien threat! Controls: Keyboard: "Z" and "/" keys Mouse and Touch: Tap the buttons beside each paddle to control it.

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7 July 2013

You move the flippers with the 'z' and '/' keys. Your goal is to remove all targets before the targets lower to the flipper level. You have three balls, and possibly a large ball. Level 5 is too difficult, as the invaders drop down too quickly. But I did manage to clear it once !


22 March 2013

using the keyboard, I lose the game if I push the key too hard. Using the touch screen is very poor.


9 March 2013

This game is CRAP


10 December 2012

I never played a pinball game where they make it like those old arcade shooting games. Like space invaders etc. Great thinking.


2 November 2012

Fairly clever idea. Maybe it could use a bit more polish, but I wouldn't call it a bad game at all.