Defend your base against waves of enemies using a variety of weapons. Enemies use different strategies to attack and defeat you, so throw everything you can against them in this challenging and enjoyable game!


  • 5 unique and devastating weapons
  • Variety of enemy types with different behaviors
  • Level progression with increasing difficulty
  • Stylized retro graphics

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29 July 2014

It's more fun the farther you get, I would recommend this game to my friends. Best tower defense game on the windows 8 store.


11 January 2014

Selling weapons is basically useless like in most defense games. It would be nice to get some more money back when selling a weapon. An endless mode would be cool too. Also being able to place a saw or spike below a gun would be good. Also the first two levels in the trial are easy, but the third is near impossible! Level four, five, and six have the prefect amount of difficulty. I like the graphics a lot. They remind me of a game boy game.