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    Fixed scroll and other bugs and added direction feature. You can display the direction between any two points by entering an address or clicking on the map.

Places Near Me

You’re tired of your usual routine and want to find a new place to eat that’s nearby. Your car is low on gas and you need to find the nearest gas station. You’ve just traveled to a new state or country and need to find a hotel near you. InfoDesk is the solution for you! Through an intelligent and efficient system, InfoDesk will quickly direct you to your point of interest with just a click of the button. Use InfoDesk to plan trips and find the nearby sites and attractions. Over 70 categories are available at your fingertips, including restaurants, hotels, shopping, and banks! Whether you live in the United States, Canada, or Europe, InfoDesk will give you turn by turn directions to your desired destination. Tirelessly scouring the internet for points of interest around you will be a thing of the past. With an extremely friendly user interface and streamlined design, InfoDesk will show that you’re never lost, but everyplace nearby has been found!


  • Find any point of interest anywhere.
  • Identifies your position and reveals the nearest Gas Station, Restaurant, Theater, Hotel, Hospital, and much more.
  • Get turn by turn directions to your selected destination.
  • Over 70 point of interests to choose from
  • Keep track of your favorite locations
  • Simple and easily navigable user interface
  • Change location either by clicking or typing a new address.
  • Powered by google places

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16 May 2015

This app has a lot of nice features that I would like to be able to use. However, it can't use my location to find any items within the search categories even though I can find my location on the map. Why can't it use my location (New Ulm, MN, USA)?


15 November 2014

Very Nice!


23 March 2014

Cannot locate me. Everything is set up properly. Such a waste.... even as a free app


30 November 2013

this is the worst app I have ever downloaded! Don't download it..... when its free its junk


28 November 2013

absolute waste!


11 August 2013

Too tough to use on a table. Can't change the setting got me stuck in the Atlantic


9 July 2013

App is not showing right location.


28 April 2013

This app is very helpful, quite a lot of information, but its user interface and experience is just not good. You need to enhance this in order to have a killer app.


16 April 2013

Not only did it place my house over a block away, but none of the existing businesses were available in the pre-set 20 mile radius. This thing FAILS


12 April 2013

very good app

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