Play DJ

The most realistic turntable experience on Windows 8 Play your music on two turntables and mix them together using the Cross-Fader. Add in sound effects, adjust speed, or cue up a loop to DJ on your Windows 8 machine.


  • Play two songs at once
  • Mix using Cross Fader
  • Adjust Speed of each Turntable
  • Set Cue point to create loops
  • Scratch the Record

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28 August 2014

It has a lot of potential,but the way the app is now is not all it could be, I mean every body likes a speed slider that's a Speed & Pitch slider, but when you move the slider on this app while your track is playing, it chopps up,, &the speed changes with the pitch staying the same. ..&I got confused when I tried to scratch. I mean if you just want something to use just as a media player, then from that P.O.V. , this app is great.. The visual effect of a turntable looks cool while I play my music,, makes me feel cool :)


15 February 2014

You can't adjust the pitch, record scratching is bland, you really can't do much of anything with this app. That's 2 bucks down the drain, I feel robbed..


24 September 2013

This app Froze on my i7 Computer. I have 16 GB ram with 1 GB on the video. My computer never freeze.. This APP froze..


26 May 2013

nice app


24 May 2013

Definitely a steal for $1.49. Everything worked as it should on my Surface. Very attractive and realistic layout, had a lot of fun playing with a couple songs I had on here. Looking forward to more updates


22 May 2013

I just wanted a simple dj player but it wont play anything , it loads the music but doesn't play


11 April 2013

Would like to see them have programmable sounds and some more controls, but it is a nice start. Everything else works as it is supposed to. Will update as program is updated.


9 April 2013

Description says you can scratch the record . It doesn't work, please fix!!!