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    *** New in version 2.2 (May 2015) *** Functionality - Images can now be shown and downloaded in a full screen gallery by tapping/clicking on them (tip: J/K or arrow keys to move between images). - Videos in articles (except articles that are marked as videos by Pocket) will now be shown as an image that can be played in full screen by clicking on them. *** New in version 2.1 (April 2015) *** Functionality - All new welcome and release notes dialogs - Save/open new articles from reading view with longpress or right click on links.


A high quality Pocket (formerly Read It Later) client that offers extremely much value for money, especially (but not only) if you are offline when reading Pocket articles. Pockazine has many qualities and below is a list of the most important ones: *** The FULL range of Pocket functionality *** All functions found in the Pocket web app is available in the app. This is something only very few apps can claim (if any but Pockazine!). The app also have full support for both touch and mouse/keyboard including a wide range of keyboard shortcuts to save you valuable time when reading and using the app. *** A high quality offline experience *** A lot of work has been put into making the offline experience in Pockazine the very best in the Windows Store where as much content as possible is made available offline, including images that are downloaded to local storage and converted to use less space. Pockazine even allows you to perform article actions that will be synchronized automatically once you reconnect to the Internet! For this to work you need to put the app on your lock screen since this gives the app the permission it needs to perform background synchronization. *** Well designed automatic data usage adjustment *** Auto adjustment of data usage which is important if you are on a dataplan. All you need to worry about is setting the dataplan correctly up in Windows settings and Pockazine will by default adjust itself to use data according to your current connection. This means that if you have unrestricted Internet access, all images will be downloaded and converted to be shown from local storage (hence the high quality offline experience), and if you are on an expensive roaming connection, almost no data will be sent or received (only when you choose to synchronize with Pocket or perform actions such as archiving an article). Naturally, you can override this behavior if you need to. *** Layout customization *** You can tweak the layout in many ways from background patterns and color themes to text size and line height. *** Tag lists and editing *** Tag lists and tag editing are also extensively supported by the app, including smart keyboard assists and easy adding of tags.


  • Archive, delete, favorite/unfavorite articles and edit tags with smart assists.
  • Save/open new articles directly from within Pockazine by right clicking/long pressing links in articles.
  • Open articles online, directly in Pocket, reload articles, remove images from articles.
  • View images and videos in articles in fullscreen mode by tapping/clicking on them.
  • Perform bulk actions for articles.
  • True offline reading experience (all articles are by default downloaded to your local device).
  • Settings to fine tune data consumption. By default set to auto adjust according to the data connection.
  • Several different themes - choose it according to your mood, preference or the surrounding light.
  • Add link to new articles manually or by sharing to Pockazine from another app.
  • Many settings to customize your experience, e.g. options for user defined article layout.
  • Dynamic and colourful live tiles and badge updates with relevant settings included in the app.
  • Optimized support for snapped view.
  • Pin articles to the start menu to get a shortcut to articles you are reading.
  • Many keyboard shortcuts to save time when using Pockazine.
  • Well suited for both touch and mouse/keyboard users.
  • Share an article link with another app.

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26 April 2015

There aren't many Pocket (ReadLater) apps out here... but this one is STELLAR! Didn't take long for me to spring and pay for this app. Fast, efficient, clean UI. This is my go to on my Win8.1 devices, on my WP8.1 sporting Poki. Try this app... you'll love it. Plus, they keep improving the app with timely updates.


19 April 2015

5stars but you need to add the ability to save links within an article, preferably with a long press. Also the ability to send links via email. Otherwise very good app that I am happy to pay for


17 April 2015

Love the app, and like the visual presentation of articles. The addition of offline sync with the latest update is great - it was the one feature I missed in the previous version. Overall, pretty stable. I do find that my tablet needs more frequent charging with background operation enabled. I will be turning this off. Fantastic app overall.


16 January 2015

Exceeds all other pocket clients


6 January 2015

I took some time looking through the various Pocket apps for windows 8. After all I use pocket on my phone more than any other app, but I prefer to read most articles worth saving on a bigger screen. I couldn't understand the bad feedback for most of the apps, I mean what could you want? I thought as long as the articles sync, I'll be happy. Offline reading options would be nice, but I'm almost never offline. Essentially the other Pocket apps present a complete mess of unorganized articles, data, and anything saved. They (all of them except this one) should say warning, prepare to be overwhelmed. The comes Pockazine, there were no reviews when I downloaded it on my desktop. Now I have it on my laptop, and I had to speak up. It's a pleasure reading what I save on this app. It does have offline reading options, everything is organized. I guess if I'm picky I wish that more of the articles would have the photo, it's like a CD with no cover art. Great App though, worth the 1.50.


28 December 2014

I love this app. It plays well with the start screen, caches content for offline reading, & formats well (on the few occasions when it didn't, the same was true for other reading apps). It's also very cool that you can email articles to your account. I also make use of the tags you can add to articles. It would be nice to be able to delete and add tags to articles offline.