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    In this release • Added support for password protected feeds • Fixed issue where some feeds such as Microsoft's Channel 9 weren't showing up

Podcast Bandit

Podcast Bandit is the best podcasting app for Windows 8 and Windows RT. The simple and uncluttered design is intended to get out of your way so you can quickly get to enjoying your favorite audio and video podcasts without a fuss. Podcast Bandit is currently FREE! as part of our launch event. Grab it now and share it with your friends before our launch pricing event is over.


  • Subscribe to your favorite podcasts via URL, importing an OPML file or using our quick and easy search!
  • Download episodes for playback even when you're not online!
  • Create playlists so you can listen to multiple podcasts back to back
  • Background audio playback - fully integrated with the Windows 8 system audio controls!
  • Full screen viewing of video podcasts supported
  • Easily see recently added episodes in an appealing design
  • Support for password protected feeds including those that use SSL encryption

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5 April 2015

Two good things about this player: 1. It actually does save the podcasts locally 2. It doesn't suck as bad as every other windows 8 player I've tried Only displays recent downloads, even when more are stored on my tablet. No way to downloadmore than 100 podcasts at a time.. wtf? Search feature never finds anything It doesn't crash very often. Hoping for updates... the software could be so much better with very little effort.


30 March 2015

Tried over and over to search for podcasts and it app returns nothing. It just has a blank screen.


31 December 2014

I use an RSS reader (RSS Bandit by chance) to subscribe to podcasts, and digitalpodcast.com to find podcast URLs. Both are very easy to do. Then I export the OPML file and import it to Podcast Bandit. I've used a variety of other podcast solutions on multiple platforms and none is as easy to use or complete as this combined solution. If Podcast Bandit did it all then it would get 5 stars. Thanks for being part of the solution!


13 December 2014

The search for podcast function doesn't work. App occasionally crashes. Limited customization options. Regrettably there aren't any good Windows 8 podcast apps to be found.


18 June 2014

I use it to grab podcasts, and it works well for that. I primarily use it to fetch podcasts that aren't in the Windows Phone store and podcasts that require authentication. The search doesn't seem to find the podcasts I want, but that is OK because I can manually add them. One thing that I would greatly appreciate would be syncing of podcasts among my computers. If I add a podcast to Podcast Bandit on my desktop, I have to also manually add it on my Laptop. Even better would be the listen state of each episode, but right now what bugs me the most is not syncing the subscriptions themselves. Isn't this possible through OneDrive? Or even simply maintaining a subscription file at a user specified location, which could be in the OneDrive directory or Dropbox?


29 May 2014

Why can't I search for Podcasts?


23 May 2014

I paid money for this app. It does not work. I've email them and received no response. They pretty much stole my money... don't buy this piece of shit app.


8 May 2014

Better on Surface/Windows 8 Pro than on Windows Phone 8, however still lots of bugs. Seems to crash fairly regularly and randomly stops playing and starts playing different date on its own, this is especially prevalent on Windows Phone.


5 May 2014

Pros: Simple but boring interface, layout is easy to figure out Cons: Podcasts stop playing for no reason, search feature is terrible It gets the job done for the most part, but it has quite a few warts to fix up. I hate the wooden background. Searches for some common podcasts do not show up though you can manually add your podcasts. I find that podcasts stop playing for no reason and have to be restarted.


2 April 2014

The search function for adding podcasts no longer works if you are searching by podcast name. I've emailed the author(s) regarding this, but no response after several weeks. THIS IS A PAID APP! Don't waste your money.

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