Comments for Podcasts - Thru the Bible


16 April 2016

I listened to J. Vernon all the years I drove to college, then to grad school & as a young professor, God taught the teacher through out His Word. From 1969--1983 the world's heady times were seasoned well by McGee's kind voice & solid teachings, while God kept me grounded as I grew up myself. Long after J. Vernon was called home, recordings carried on McGee's unique style, interpretation & his quite clear, surprising & pronunciations of every Hebrew name and word and place. When I read God's Word today, instead of watching L.A.'s freeway traffic, I can't wait to begin following through the teaching once again--with my Bible open before me now, instead searching the L.A. freeway traffic signs, I can enjoy the timeless lessons no longer 17 years of age but with 42 years more of loving our Lord.


7 May 2015

I love J. Vernon McGee, he has the gift of teaching difficult matters in an easy-to-understand way. This app will benefit anyone wanting to learn from the best.