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    In this update - we've added username and password support, a basic offline mode, a few new background colors, and several bug fixes.


The most downloaded Windows Phone podcast application is now available for Windows 8! PODCASTS! brings you the ability to browse, search, stream, and listen to thousands of podcasts from around the world right from the comfort of wherever you're at. Stream both audio and video podcasts directly on your Windows 8 system anytime, anywhere. PODCASTS! now allows you to subscribe to your favorite podcasts and also download episodes for playback even when you're not online. And best of all - it's FREE!


  • Stream audio and video podcasts for FREE!
  • Subscribe to your favorite podcasts!
  • Download episodes for playback even when you're not online!
  • Automatically keeps track of your recently played episodes and where you left off!
  • Quick and easy search!
  • Background audio playback - fully integrated with the Windows 8 system audio controls!
  • Fully supports rotation and snapped modes!
  • Browse the catalog or add any podcast with an RSS feed!
  • and much, much more!

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3 March 2016

Glad to have this Podcast app on Surface RT, but really need to have a setting for Oldest Podcast first in the case of Language learning podcasts where you want to start with Lesson 1.


30 January 2016

Look, its free so I really shouldn't complain, but I could find no way to actually search by keyword for a podcast, and It doesn't seem to download for listening offline... BUT what it does do it does very well so thanks for making this App free, it's a nice gift.


14 January 2016

I wanted to find the mp3 files and add them to my Sansa clip but can't figure out where they are stored???


23 September 2015

But it tends to go wonky or stop if you switch to another app while it is playing.


3 September 2015

Too many problems to get into.


29 August 2015

I download podcasts fuse when I'm driving. After much clicking I finally figured out that clicking and holding would give you the option to download. Unfortunately, once downloaded there is no tab to show you what you have available and your subscriptions tab will not work unless connected to the internet. There is a "recent" tab that shows you the last few played that works offline but has limited spaced and the one I wanted to listen to was the first one downloaded. This app is next to useless for my purposes.


9 August 2015

You can't make playlists. You can't automatically download an entire series. You can't get rid of the "Featured" podcasts on the main screen. Main screen itself is poorly designed since it shows both "recently listens" AND "Subscriptions" right next to each other, which means two whole sections showing almost exactly the same thing. The controls are in the top right which cuts off most of the title of an episode. There is no way to move the controls which means when an episode ends, you have to guess which one to play next. Also, in the episode lists, there's no indicator as to what you have listened to or not. The playback controls are too small to use your finger with, you HAVE to use the stylus for anything other than Play/Pause. Oh, I DO REALLY LOVE that you can adjust playback speed!! This is Awesome! But that aside, almost everything else with this app needs serious redesign.


7 August 2015

I will say there are not many options for free podcasts apps in MS app store. This app works and has my top three podcasts available - Night Vale, Nerdette, and Star Talk, so I'm good. I would like to see the ability to adjust the features, so my subscriptions are what pop up first. I dislike how I have to get past a lot of "Featured" podcasts before I see my subscriptions.


2 August 2015

compared to the podcast app for ipad this app is horrible. the podcast starts over instead of where you left off. Fast forward and the rest of the podcast runs speeded up mode. It doesn't delete podcasts you've listened to. There is no way to even tell what podcast you've listened to and which ones you haven't.


12 July 2015

they had some basic functionality and customization. 1. currently no way to get back to home screen without using "back", tedious after searches etc.... 2. Ads that you can't even pay to get rid of (this will probably be a deal barker for me) 3. Can't order my content and the things subscribed to are pushed back and "featured" content pushed to front on home screen. Need to be able to have my "home screen" as I like. (again possible deal breaker) 4. No way to set a directory for podcasts downloads for offline listening 5. Times out quite a bit during searches 6. Needs better handling of audio AND video podcasts. 7. Expand the catalog a bit more beyond the bog standard is needed.

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