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    We fixed a bug during initialization of license information. This bug often leads to app crashes for the first start of podscout after a reboot. ** INFO ** Currently we have no additional resources to develop and release podscout as an universal windows app. Allthough we're not sure, which direction the evolution of the Windows ecosystems takes. Until further notice there won't be any new releases of podscout.


podscout has the most significant features for an ambitious podcast audience. Subscribe your favorite podcasts by searching in popular catalogs like iTunes and gPodder or easily adding a podcast feed URL. Dependent on your settings. podscout updates the subscriptions and downloads the latest episodes automatically. So you can play episodes online and offline. podscout is not only a simple media player to stream video and audio podcasts. podscout further supports stepping through chapters, reading shownotes and play episodes to other devices. podscout brings a sleep timer to pause the playback after specific time span and keeps playback position even after suspending the app. With podscout you can back up your subscription database to SkyDrive and restore them on other devices. You can easily share your subscriptions and episodes through the Windows share charm. With background audio playback capability podscout enables you to listening podcasts while working on Windows 8. The app supports a trial mode. While in trial mode, the app display ads. If the trial mode expires, the app will not start anymore and the user has the ability to purchase the app.


  • optimized for Windows 8.1
  • search podcasts through iTunes and gPodder
  • manage Subscriptions and easily browse through Episodes
  • adjust Settings for each Subscription
  • step through Chapters if local media or podcast feed supports it
  • read Shownotes in web view if podcast feed supports it
  • use background audio playback capability
  • play to other devices (DLNA)
  • watch videos on full screen
  • backup and restore the Subscription database with SkyDrive
  • share Subscriptions and Episodes through the Windows charms bar
  • use sleep timer to automatically pause the playback
  • add Secondary Live Tiles with badge notifications for each Subscription
  • import/export OPML files for exchange with other podcatchers
  • support for password protected feeds
  • playlist support
  • adjustable app colors

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28 April 2015

Great podcast player


11 April 2015

This is an excellent app to download and listen or watch video podcasts to podcasts. I download to an attached micro-SD card on my HP Stream 7. This app works perfect.


9 April 2015

When updating from one day to the next it does not show the downloaded pods. I was listening for April 7, only listen to a part of podcast now it does not show that April 7 was downloaded. It downloaded April 8 but not April 7;6;5. Have to use other App. Get this fix


3 April 2015

This is the best podcast downloader I've tried. But even after buying it there are still ads. I'd pay even more to remove them (hint hint).


19 March 2015

not quite worth five stars, or the 3.50 as it stands now. the playlist functionality is what I wanted in an app, but it lacks a sort by date function, or an auto-add new episodes to said playlist option that similar apps on the windows phone do have, I guess my only complaint is the absolute lack of options for the playlists, If that gets fixed it would be definitely a 5 star app and worth paying the 3.50 to not use iTunes. as it stands it has potential.


12 March 2015

When it works, it's great. But it cuts out for no apparent reason, and the only reason that shows up is, "Podscout can't play on a device right now." No further explanation, and no apparent setting that might fix the situation. So the search for a reliable podcast app continues... this isn't it.


5 March 2015

I am really enjoying Podscout. I'm watching "This Week.in Google" on TWIT as I write this. Works reliably and informs me when new podcast are available.


6 January 2015

Simple to use. Clean user interface. Automatically downloads subscriptions. Customizable color scheme. Plays in background, allowing the audio to continue with my Surface keyboard closed. Responds to Bluetooth device pause/play commands on my wireless Bose Color SoundLink speaker.


2 January 2015

This is the best Win 8 podcast player/downloader so far but lacks some features. The GUI is nice and customizable and the app allows you to select a subfolder of your music library (rather than scanning the whole library) which is an important feature for me. What is missing is good support for playing files you have already downloaded. I like to stockpile podcasts to listen to on long trips. This app did not show any of my previously downloaded episodes. The developer said they would show if I renamed files to match the podcast downloads on the web. When I informed them this wasn't working for me, there was no response, but it is the holidays so maybe they will get to it. Regardless, this would still be a problem for podcasts like This American Life that only makes current episodes available because there is no list to match my old episodes against. If this app could scan file tags in my podcast folder to add to the app library, this would be a 5-star app.


27 November 2014

If it would actually automatically download the most recent episodes, as it claims to, then it would be worth purchasing. It's the best I've tested for Windows 8 Modern Interface so far, but this essential feature appears to be broken. I can manually get it to download media, one episode at a time, but if I have to do it that way, then it's not any better than just visiting websites.

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