Police Car Crime City - Cops Chase & Arrest Duty

Gangsters have taken over the city suburbs. It has become a crime city. The thugs are enforcing their will and fleeing away on fast cars. Crime scenes are unattended and snatching, street racing, smashing & fleeing away are common. Someone needs to perform the duty of a hot pursuit and chase and smash criminal & gangster cars. Robbers and street racers have also followed suit and illegal activities are on the rise. Robbers are smashing public property. Ordinary citizens have also stopped following the law and running traffic lights and driving drunk are common in the crime city. Police force has been rendered useless and the morale of the force is down. The best cops are chosen from all the police forces. You top the list of the best cops and your duty is to control the crime rate in the crime city. You are given a shiny police car and you are determined to enforce the rule of law in the crime city by smashing away the speedy & crazy cars of the thugs. Enjoy this police car simulator and act as a police officer driving a police car. Showcase racing & navigational skills. You need to chase down the gangsters, criminals, robbers and people performing illegal activities and smash the fast paced cars of these thugs. Complete multiple missions to track down gangsters, drunk drivers, criminals and smash away their crazy and speedy cars. To complete each mission, ram into the criminal cars and smash the car until they cannot drive any more. Make sure you drive safe and don’t hit poles and buildings and the traffic on the road. We hope you enjoy the game. Your comments & ratings are welcome and will help us in creating even better games for you.


  • Police Force Car Driving Simulation 3D
  • Crime City Scenes with multiple missions
  • Extreme Crime Pursuit and Chase
  • Chasing and Smashing Car
  • Smooth 3D graphics

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19 July 2016

On surface rt - car goes straight until you turn once, then totally locks the wheel to left and throws car into reverse with no response on controls. Would have rated negative stars if I could.


4 June 2016

Nhbkh hunks mandatory communications Do more than


4 April 2016



26 January 2016

it is a good.


2 January 2016

I downloaded this free game and unable to use untill agreed to pay $1.99 to remove the adds. Typical bull crap from Microsoft. The same applied with several other games I downloaded for free. They have some marketing technology to make money. Well keep your crappy games.


13 December 2015

When u catch one car on lv2 it clutches out and u can't see crap


6 December 2015



2 December 2015

The desktop ads pop up constantly! And every once in a while, I try to turn, and the car wont respond. Also, you could make it better by adding other cars on the road.


27 November 2015



22 November 2015

Pros: -Galore controls -Arrest people -you are faster than your target CONS: -Annoying to steer -keep getting broken ankles -Hard to inflict damage on other vehicles DONT GET IT! (get it) so 50/50

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