Police Dog Airport Criminal Chase - Arrest Robbers

The security of the airport is in your hands now. Trained as the professional cop dog you are playing as the police dog chasing criminals on airport. Sniff, chase and find wanted criminals and illegal items. Some people might be carrying some suspicious item in their luggage. They might run away when sited so be fast to catch them. Play ultimate criminal pursuit and don’t let the airport turn into a crime place. Hunt down criminals as you are a trained German shepherd. . Those who are looking to play dog simulator in a whole new way can play police dog airport crime chase. The city has turned into the crime town and you have to use your sniffing abilities to track down criminals and secure the airport. Trained as a K9 dog to find clues to track criminals. Some robbers and criminals may try to break inside with illegal items. Catch them before they end up with the criminal activity. Assist the police officer and other cop individuals to trace suspects. Police dog airport crime chase is a thrilling action game where you play as K9 dog to chase and catch criminals. Police chase and crime town games are popular but playing as a cop dog is even more thrilling.


  • Police Dog Chase Simulator
  • Take down Criminals and Robbers
  • Police vs. Criminals Airport Security
  • A Unique Concept for Dog Simulator Lovers
  • Amazing Airport Environment with HD Graphics
  • Play as a Real Cop Dog to trace Criminals

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26 July 2016

This game is bad and boring. You can hardly play it cuz it is so hard to catch criminals and, THE GAME HAS NO MEANING!!!! I WOULD GIVE MINUS ZERO IF I COULD


13 June 2016

OMG so much fun :D


3 January 2016

This is dumb and I really wanted to play this game so bad And my rating is zero no were to be found that's how bad this app is. Good day peeps


11 December 2015