Police Horse Chase 3D - Arrest Crime Town Robbers

The city has gone crazy with multiple crime reporting and criminal acts. A brand new concept in the line of police vs criminals chase. Play as a real cop taking control of the crime town with his horse. Get ready to start the police chase mission and get into action with your police horse. Criminals, thief, robbers and other culprit are running away with their crimes in the town. Take charge of town new sheriff and control the crimes taking place. What a thrill to chase down criminals on your horse. Usually dogs are trained to work with cops to sniff around but it’s never been so adventurous riding a horse in this police horse chase crime town. Law breakers are running away from crime scenes and causing trouble in the city. Ride your horse to chase every single one of them and make them pay for their crimes. Be a top police cop to chase criminals and end them up behind bars. Keep following the direction arrows and remember not to lose their sight as they are clever enough to deceive you. Hunt down the criminals and chase them on the city roads. Your horse has been trained for cop services so just grab and chase. On sighting criminals will run fast and try to disappear but with your horse chase them down in this police horse chase simulator. Finally put a stop to all criminal activities in the town. Play something different from a simple horse running or police chase. Your horse is professionally trained and same is for you so let’s ride and chase.


  • Police Horse Chase Simulator
  • Take down Criminals and Robbers
  • Police vs. Criminals True City Missions
  • Amazing City Environment with HD Graphics
  • Play as a Real Cop to take control of the Crimes

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31 May 2016

How do you even drive this games is so Bad I hate it😈


6 May 2016

col cop game


18 April 2016

I like it very easy


12 April 2016

I love it, but it needs more levels. I finished it in 5 min.


10 April 2016



2 April 2016

It wont let me move the horse whenever I try to the horse just shakes his head.


23 March 2016

Can't move it is bad 😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩


22 March 2016

This game is offal


20 March 2016

It was pretty fun I like it I like it a lot. I recommend this it is pretty cool but its one of those games that if you play for to long it gets boring


13 March 2016

will not let me move

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