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    Version 2.3 Bug Fixes Version 2.2 New vintage posters cloud gallery. Support Embellishents and Symbols. Support for gradient and texture image in Text foreground. Support for texture image in Rectangle and Ellipse background. Support for Rotated Resize. Version 2.1 New Cloud Gallery with over 60 new Posters, Sceneries, Photos and Textures. Opacity support in Poster Background, Object Fill and Text Color Addition of New Font Families Export Poster Background Image feature Export Object Image feature New Image File Formats Support : Tif, BMP, Jpg

Poster & Flyer

Poster & Flyer is a modern WYSIWYG app that is designed to help you create posters, flyers, pamphlets, catalogs and brochures. It comes bundled with over 100 beautifully pre-designed templates, carefully handpicked fonts for different purposes and atmosphere. What's more, we only use original high definition scenery and texture images as poster backgrounds. The app is capable of generating QR Code barcodes for designing interactive mobile posters and supports advanced features such as image cropping, printing serial-running numbers and importing contacts from Microsoft People's app. With over 200 MB of graphics and font resources in a feature rich app, you will certainly find this app useful for all your needs in poster and flyer production. Sample templates included -Real Estate Posters -Lost and Found Flyers -Sale and Discounts Brochures -Wanted to Sell/Wanted to Buy Flyers -Inspirational Posters -Signs Finally and most importantly, we sincerely hope you have fun using this app! Because we certainly enjoyed developing this app for you.


  • Over 200 Posters & Flyers Templates
  • Over 60 Handpicked Fonts
  • Over 150 Original High Definition Scenery and Texture images
  • QR Code, Code 39, Industrial 2 of 5 and POSTNET Barcode
  • WYSIWYG Publisher with support for Image Cropping and Gradient Backgrounds
  • Print Serial Running Number
  • Import Microsoft's People Contacts
  • Import third party True Type Fonts
  • Use Excel as data source
  • Enter data at print time

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19 January 2016

Great tool. Recommend to use the tips section to familiarize yourself with the controls. Have created many advertisements and displays in little time that look great. Would recommend a section for user created templates and/or the ability to download new templates.


17 February 2015

I'm used to work with centimeters but every time I open a new project I have to configure it over and over. Love the option to insert fonts! -Also to zoom in/out pressing ctrl + mouse wheel could work for PC, the ctrl+0 to fit the screen. -A cropping tool for objects, for example if I would like to create an square with a hole inside. -A bucket tool is needed here also an eyedropper -The option to insert (using the share feature) images from anywhere to start working over the image. -Please don't forget *transparency* for the different elements on the canvas. -And please! add Layers management please!! I see this app to worth the 5 dollars but right now I still see myself using Photoshop even for basic features that are not there yet... btw great work guys, looking forward for a future update!