PowerWebForm app brings offline functionality to the PowerWebForm add-on for Microsoft Dynamics CRM on windows store. Once you login with appropriate Dynamics CRM credentials, this app will automatically download all your web forms and store it on your device. Now even when you are offline, you can easily navigate through your forms, fill them with appropriate contents, and save them in your device. Whenever you are online, you can easily sync the data you entered and new forms, if available, with your CRM.


  • Automatically download all your webforms to your tablet once you login with your Microsoft Dynamics CRM credentials
  • With offline access to your forms, easily navigate to desired form on the left pane and tap it to view it on main screen.
  • Save records in your device even when you are offline. Total number of saved records are displayed besides the respective form name.
  • Easily synchronize your new records and new webforms by tapping "Sync all Forms" button. Your device will have to be connected to the internet for your data to be synchronized.
  • Easily switch the user by pressing "Switch User" button. In case there are unsynced records from current user, the app will warn and ask for confirmation for deletion of those records.
  • Have a long list of forms? Not a problem. Just type the name of your form in the search box. To see all the forms again, just empty the search box.
  • This app will always show you the last synced date as a reminder.
  • While filling forms, if you enter wrong data and want to start fresh, just hit the "reset" button and it will clear all the entered data for you.
  • Support for storing and viewing unsynced data temporarily for the forms and formfields which are deleted from CRM.