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    This release contains following updates: - Game allows player to change coins orientation by either rotating them clock or anti-clock wise direction before beginning of each round.

Pro Carrom

The purpose of this app is to provide fun by simulating Carrom board game. Carrom is a similar to Billiards or Table Shuffleboard game however instead of pool cues you use your fingers. The object of the game is to flick a striker to hit and pocket a playing coin. The coins can be pocketed into any pocket. As there are a huge number of variations in the rules exists so this App 'tries' to support 2 types of popular Carrom game play i.e. 'Family-Point' and 'Professional' and implements only those Carrom rules which I found practical to implement. For example: 1. App does not allowed to strike backward from carrom-stricker baseline. 2. Due to scoring rules in 'Professional' game play mode, scoring can only be possible after current round is over. 3. Player sides does not change during the game rather first player breaks first for odd (e.g. 1, 3 ...) number rounds and second player breaks first in even (e.g. 2, 4 ...) number rounds. 4. Max number of rounds for 'Family-Point' game is 5 while 'Professional' mode game is 8. Player can always 'Give up' game during rounds play then game will declares game winner! 5. App provides user to save up to maximum of 9 game plays. Note: I have recently released online version of this game app name 'Carrom online', if you are interested to play online please do try that app. Kindly rate this app that would encourage me to come with new updates and improvements in future. Report your suggestions and issue to my email address mention in App support contact info. Thanks for your time and looking forward for your feedback & positive reviews!

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14 August 2014

I like the gameplay and the GUI. However, on the easy level, you win every game by a landslide, on the next level up, medium, the computer makes incredible pockets one after the other, ridiculously so... it pockets carroms with 4-5 bounces, impossible rebounds and physics-defying trick-shots. The medium level feels more like an expert level than a medium. I want to like it more, but this has me so frustrated, I am either bored on the easy level, or angry on the medium. Glad I didn't pay for it...


5 July 2014

I clicked install and I don't see game in my desktop.


20 November 2013

I was not aware of the existence of this game before I installed it, but I found that once I started playing it, I could not stop! It is a lot like billiards and it was very fun to try to calculate the right angles so that the ball goes into the pocket! This is a great app that is very enjoyable to play.


22 October 2013

This is a perfect game I have played in internet. Because I normally not playing internet based games. But this impressed me a lot to play. Good Luck !!!