Puzzle Clocks: Angola

It's a game of jigsaw puzzle with a series of your country's flags*. After you do the puzzle, it becomes a clock that you can use as a night stand. You can choose between digital and analog clock. And you can play the puzzle again as many times as you want, and choose the difficulty: easy, medium and hard. Do you like jigsaw puzzle? Do you want to express your patriotism? Do you know your own country's flag well? Then this Jigsaw is for you! Build a clock by solving the puzzle, challenge yourself, then use the clock as a night stand​ or solve another puzzle. With this series of apps, you will soon know every detail of every flag on the Earth! Do you know what time is it? What are you waiting for? Time to play this game! *Some countries have only 1 flag. But more flags to come. E-mail us for requests. Privacy Policy: The application does not collect any personal data of users and is for the sole purpose of delivering the requested information to the users.


  • Jigsaw puzzle with multiple difficulty levels
  • Analog clock & Digital clock with 24 hours option