Puzzles & Pixies

Puzzles & Pixies is a matching puzzle game from the creators of Sparkle and Azkend. String together butterflies to make matches. The longer the match the grander the powerups! Join the Pixies in a brilliant matching game where the goal is to string together similarly colored butterflies. String together two or more butterflies to create a match. When you match five or more butterflies a powerful pixie helper will appear. Longer matches summon even more pixie powerups and grant more score. Help the Pixies save their forest! The game offers in-app purchases, but none are required to play the game to the end.


  • Easy to pick up & learn
  • Offers truly challenging levels later in game
  • Several fun level types
  • Over two hundred levels to conquer
  • Hours of top quality matching entertainment

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14 November 2015

Like this game. Time regen takes too long but fun

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