Python Programs

This is a must have app for all Python learners. We have listed most of the important and yet basic concepts of Python. Concepts covered - Operators, Database operations, Threading, Objects & Classes, Lists etc. A must have app for Python learners.

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5 March 2015

Interesting and very useful. Can be complicated for beginners though


20 June 2014

I've used and tutored Python programming for awhile, and I'm always interested in finding new, useful tools (especially for kids). The text assumes you are using Python 2.x (as opposed to 3.x), but I didn't find that indicated anywhere on the Store page. You can't copy and paste directly into a text / source file, as the (left-most) indentation is inconsistent. I started with the multithreaded section, and even after cleaning up the pasted source, was unable to run the program as it stood (the threading module wasn't being __init__'ialized.) .. and even after fixed *that* (swapping it to the beginning of the MyThread __init__), the program output still didn't match the expected sample output. I'd give this app a "pass" until a lot more work is done cleaning / verifying / updating its contents.


13 October 2013

Simple , yet powerful. I give it a five! If possible improve this app i.e. including features like compiling etc in the next update!


8 June 2013

Really good idea, and the devs need to capitalize. Implementing a search function into an app like this is a must, as you know windows doesn't provide one (afaik), overall good, also lacks some standard libraries that should be in here though. So I will give it 3 stars at least until you get a search bar in there. Thanks and good work!