Enjoy life with Radionomy radio stations! Listen to a wide variety of unique radio stations: mainstream stations with every music genre available but also more specific styles such as salsa, Asian, spiritual and many more. The platform features a wide variety of music and themed stations to discover. Radionomy stations are more than just playlists; they are produced and run by passionate people such as music fans, artists, DJs, opinion leaders, comedians, story tellers, etc. Radionomy is a free global service that allows radio enthusiasts from around the world to create their own online radio stations. Radionomy’s ground-breaking platform, provides the tools for members to broadcast, promote and monetize their own station free of charge. It also gives them the opportunity to share their programming with you on the Windows 8 app! Enjoy the programming they've created for you! Discover and experience radio like never before! Radionomy is one of the largest user-generated online radio networks in the world with more than 7,000 Internet radio stations and more than 45 million listening hours each month.


  • Immediate access to thousands of radio stations
  • Classification by musical genres (i.e.: Rock, Salsa, Electronic, Reggae, Top 40, Hip-Hop, Classical, Jazz, etc.)
  • Classification by themes (i.e.: cinema, sports, political, talk, relaxation, etc.) – no station is like the other!
  • Real People/Real Stations: stations are made by real people (amateurs and pros alike) and are not just a playlist (i.e.: Pandora, Spotify, etc.)
  • Discover the Top 25 radio stations with the highest listening figures
  • Listen to our staff picks
  • Look for a radio station using keywords
  • Scroll through the catalog according to the musical genre
  • Create your personalized profile (crosses over to all apps once changes are made)
  • Bookmark your favorite radio stations
  • Share your favorite radio stations via social networks (Facebook, Twitter)

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20 July 2016

This app is vey confusing. There should be instructions for how to use the app. I was so mad because I would click the my artist and so many more buttons and then it would play. That's why I gave up on this app and now I am with iHeartRadio! Trust me, this is so much better!!!


18 June 2015

The Android app is much, much better. You can't search an artist or station name with this Windows version of the app. What's the point??


8 February 2015

It does what it says.. plays music from tons of radio stations, and that's about it. There's no search bar, so if you want to look for something, have fun digging around. Want to know the name of the song playing? Best listen to the lyrics hard and search Google with a vengeance, 'cause it doesn't tell you before it plays. Even after the song is over, the "Last Tracks" played list doesn't update itself. It's not bad, but I'd much rather just open Pandora in a window.


21 June 2014

love it soo much


2 May 2014

Wonderfull App! Thanks Radionomy!


14 December 2013

Love it! Great sound great stations


2 October 2013

I cant get it installed


31 August 2013

It works great and the selection of radio stations and music types is very good. I recommend this app.


17 August 2013

Good app


31 July 2013

it needs a volume controller, I cant listen to my conversations on Skype or razer comms without having to pause the radio. And also, I haven't found a way to add any stations to my favourites, already made an account from the website, but how the hell am I supposed to sign in within the app?

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