RC Airplane Simulator 3D

RC Airplane Simulator is a realistic rc model airplane flight simulator. If you like to fly radio controlled models, you would love to play this professional rc plane simulator game. This is a flight simulator for airplane games takeoff and landing. In addition to the fixed-point camera that represents the RC pilot point of view, we have included follow up camera that follows the model so that you know the exact location of your RC plane. This aeroplane fly games have smooth controls and stunning graphics. An absolutely amazing RC plane sim! Get yourself utra realistic 3D aircrafts, take up the challenge, take off from the runway, hover around the terrain and land back. Explore a huge map with immersive scenarios during flight mode. Guide and steer your plane through all the waypoints to ensure you head to the correct destination and land at your destination airport earn yourself more pilot strips that is a new level unlocked. Avoid crash, prepare for landing near your destination zone. You have to park your RC Airplane within the marked zone on the runway to complete the level. Learn to control flying rc models that reacts like real flying models. Do not crash your model, be careful. A wide range of rc models including starter modle to expensive aerobatic and scale models are also available for this airport landing airport games. With realistic aeroplane cockpit controls, you can control the plane to fly safely through the air to the destination on time. Accelerate to fly faster, move up, down, left and right. Test your piloting skills to the extreme. Fly through tough situations in order to get to the destination on time in this airplane flying simulation with smooth flying without any turbulence. Get to know the real life parking situations and extreme precision driving simulator. Become an RC plane pilot, remote control your airplane simulator and conquer the skies in this RC Airplane Flight Simulator game, the best flight simulator game for Android. An ultimate plane flying simulation for flight simulator lovers. Experience the thrill of controlling an aircraft. These flight simulator rc games has been made simple with the single engine aircrafts so that the user can enjoy the flight till he lands safely on the airstrip. There are no emergency situations, rescue missions, fire, races, supersonic jets or warship military aircrafts or airliners. Just pilot the airplane from takeoff till landing. Fly higher, higher into the sky. Two camera view serves as a flight tracker. It shows the exact location of the plane. Be the freelance pilot, fly through the terrain of trees and buildings using your flying skills. If you love to play RC boat, RC helicopter, RC jet, RC quadcopter and RC jet Ski simulators, then you would enjoy playing this game too.


  • Exclusive and challenging missions with parking challenge
  • Stunning graphics
  • Simple and easy game play
  • Different single engine aircrafts to fly
  • High quality terrain with buildings, runway, fields, etc
  • Accelerometers to make easy to play tilt controls
  • Plane crash, fire and smoke animations
  • Two view camera

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2 December 2015

Immovable add dead-center of screen, does not go away.