Rc Toy Helicopter Simulator 3D

RC Toy Helicopter Simulator is helicopter game flight simulator 3D with new and exciting helicopter flying simulation. The flying adventure awaits you. Take control of a super realistic RC toy helicopter sitting at your own house. Become an RC Helicopter pilot; take control of an RC Helicopter. Enjoy unlocked helicopter flying missions with 3D Chinook Helicopter model and exciting modes. The exciting missions of RC Toy Helicopter Simulator includes shooting missiles at enemies, rescuing people, knocking over obstacles with wrecking balls, collecting objects, using super-powerful magnets to collect hazards and much more. Do you like spending time playing with remote controlled helicopters? How about learning to fly the RC helicopter and getting used to controlling the helicopter? Do you like the Helicopter flight simulator games? If yes, you’ve got the controller now and this is the best flight simulation for you to learn to fly RC Chinook Helicopter in RC Toy Helicopter Simulator. The flight simulation missions become harder and harder as you progress through the simulator game. Test your flying skills and unlock cool new toys to help you pass the missions, like magnets and a wrecking ball! This is not a gunship battle helicopter with military scenarios that spread violence, mass destruction and conflicts. It’s a cool RC Helicopter simulation for those kids who love flying games. Get ready for an extreme helicopter adventure. Get the engine running, take off from the aircraft carrier and pilot your helicopter. No need to get into a flight school for this. You are a professional pilot.


  • Different time based missions
  • Real 3D environments, with multiple camera views
  • Functional instruments on RC Helicopter, including all cockpits
  • Stunning 3D graphics in real physic gesture control

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14 February 2016

nice games


9 December 2015

Sooooo fun. It lets me complete 'missions' and makes me feel like I have a real rc helicopter. BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!#$$$$$#!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


3 December 2015

Immovable add dead-center of screen, does not go away.