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Read it better is an application that allows you to save web articles in a library and read them later transformed into a great Windows 8 experience. Get the best Web experience from Windows 8, do more than browse the web, make it yours with Read it Better! Read it better is built on the Readability service, you can access your library in a web browser on the Readability website and share the same library between multiples devices. You can organize your library with 3 lists: Reading, Favorites and Archives. Use the reading list for your unread articles, put the most interesting articles in your favorite list and keep for the long term your read articles into your archive list. Or… do as you want! You can customize your reading experience by changing color, size and font (Asian friendly too). You have an offline support in order to read your articles without an Internet connection (tablet friendly). Browse your library containing your saved web articles in a Windows 8 tiles experience. Read it better is compatible with the Windows 8 search experience allowing you to find in your library and group the results by website. Save web bookmarks from Windows 8 Internet Explorer, Readability bookmarklets, other applications compatible with the Readability service or any Windows 8 application that can share links. Don’t hesitate to send your feedback on Twitter @readitbetter or with the support mail


  • Read web articles in a Windows 8 experience
  • Save web bookmarks from Internet Explorer (or another link share) to read them later
  • Offline support in order to read your articles without an Internet connection (tablet friendly)
  • Organize your library with 3 lists: Reading, Favorites and Archives
  • Customize your reading experience by changing color, size and font (Asian friendly too)
  • Browse your library containing your saved web articles in a Windows 8 tiles experience
  • Search inside your library and group the results by website
  • The library is synchronized on the cloud, you can access it from the web or another device

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13 September 2014

This app does not deal with complex text. For simpler web sites, it's a handy way to read off line. It's also useful for those sites like Wikipedia for with the Internet Explorer "Reading View" does not work for some reason.


10 August 2014

I was looking for an app like the MS reading list with offline capability. This is that app & more. When you send a webpage to it (from any of your devices) the content is formatted & cached right then. Later, when you read the article, the cached content opens immediately (you don't have to wait for the page to reload & wait for the "read" button to re-enable). Hit "refresh" to grab all articles you sent to your account & now you can read them all offline. Change the font/color. I use a Firefox plugin to send articles to my account from my PC with one click. It rocks. Haven't fully confirmed, but seems to cache articles that are only open (without having to have an account) for a short time so you can read them later (though I did see it fail to load an article that I DID have access to- cached the un-gated version. One request: allow deletion of articles while offline.


28 April 2014

I am not sure how you load your links directly into the app. I can do this on the website and then it updates the app. I feel like either I missed something or they over-looked the obvious, which is folks will want to drop links in directly to the app.... it could be me. The links are nice to read in this fashion though. Keeps me organized and I do not miss articles.


7 December 2013

I've saved (Shared) about 30 news articles to read later, and 24 hours later, it still does not show up on my reading list. The only thing I have to read is "Oh! It seems that there is nothing here! WHy don't you get some amazing articles on the Internet?" I'm glad I tried it first before buying it. My Specs - Microsoft Surface Pro 128 with Windows 8.1


28 October 2013

On my computer, it only saves text! It only works as a fancy bookmark system on win 8.1. I certainly don't get the "Windows 8 experience" like the store advertisement says. More like the "DOS 3.1 experience"! I certainly won't pay for this app unless they fix it before my trial period runs out in three days. Too bad, it looked like a good app.


24 May 2013

I've tried a bunch of the free ones: readability (unofficial), reeasy, etc. This one is worth the buck and a half mainly because it seems a bit quicker. It really is easier to read vertically and scroll horizontally. Less back and forth tracking. For some, horizontal scrolling will take some getting used to (everything on the web is vertical), but stick with it, I think you'll like it. It'd be good to see some more themes and control over column width.


11 May 2013

I like everything about this app except for the inability to use a light theme. I can't stand reading white text on black background.


26 March 2013

Pretty solid app. Straightforward and easy to use. Wish it had the following: 1) Improve offline support (I keep getting errors that it wants to ping the server, though it should be cached). 2) Allow me to select text so I can copy / paste to my notes. This is critical for me (and why I've looked at all the other clients). 3) Remember my place. For very long articles, it's tedious to have to find my place. 4) Support tags.


25 February 2013

The Share charm works great with this app to save an article to be read later.


30 January 2013

I'd been trying to switch from Instapaper to Readability and this app really made that possible with the latest update. It looks and works much better than it did before. Only one thing bothers me: I would like the title and the icon to read "Read it Better" instead of "Read it better." Also, the shadow on the tile isn't really necessary. It detracts from the clean, metro look. I'd also prefer if three columns where on the screen, just like the Bing News app.

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