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    This update contains the following changes: - Fixed bugs in share target Previous release - Fixed layout bugs - Added a mode to force portrait reading - Added a share target for adding bookmarks Previous release - Fixed the bug where the app crashes whenever an article is deleted - Added the ability to change fonts (also changed the default font) - Changed the article reading layout to be more immersive - Fixed some bugs around the archive button display

Readability (unofficial)

This unofficial Readability client gets your articles from readability.com, caches them offline, and presents them beautifully for you to read. This app is open source. Go to http://readunofficial.codeplex.com to learn more.


  • Readability client

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5 August 2014

This app is about as useful as an Internet Browser to me. HOW MANY TIMES do you need to offload what you want to do, to another time. If you're like me, reading it later is a necessity. That's the best part of Readability but there are also nice touches like eliminating web page *ad noise* When you read, you read in peace from everyone that wants your attention. Face it, we come to read an article and not those advertisements! I only wonder why this app remains "unofficial" but hope that means there are better things to come.


20 June 2014

I will be awaiting more features haha


22 April 2014

It used to be excellent and then some one decided to upgrade it removing the Browsing function. This has made a very useful app into something useless.


5 March 2014

Needs to except articles from other apps like news


23 January 2014

I've been using this for about a week so far. I have experienced absolutely no issues at all. It has synced with all my articles and has never crashed. My only complaint, I cannot seem to find a way to save articles for offline reading. Maybe I'm just not seeing it, I don't know. Bring the ability to save articles for offline reading, it will be a 5 star app.


27 September 2013

I would very much appreciate a paged style of reading. Sometimes you get so far in an article and it's hard to remember where you left off without pages. Also send to Kindle but would be very cool. Lastly, a read it now option would be great from the share charm. Oo oo... also tags and search.


11 August 2013

Keyboard shortcuts for common actions (e.g. delete article, move to next). Put 'next article' button next to current article delete button so that if I'm using a mouse-based laptop I can delete and move to next with minimal mouse movement.


12 June 2013

I like the simple layout and color scheme. The ability to change font size is a nice feature. This is a nice way to save articles to read later.


13 May 2013

I like the user interface, the color, the layout... I just want to be able to delete articles. The feature appears to be broken.


21 April 2013

I can't think of many improvements to this app. Great work! It has everything the official iPad app has. Update - App crashes when deleting an article. Hope that gets updated in upcoming release.

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