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    Added Pictures to recipes Lets you share recipes over Mail The ability to to share recipes via file with an file import will come in the next version

Recipe Binder

NEW DESIGN More functionality Recipe binder for your recipes. So that you have them all in one place. Add a recipe you find on the web to your recipe collection with this app. Since it requires a little bit of manual effort by you instead of importing recipes directly it is compattible with any website there is. IMPORTANT: this app does not contain any initial recipes! To create/ import a recipe click "Add" in the appbar. Copy paste the recipe information into the form. You can also add pictures to your recipe, either from your hard disk or from the web page by right click on the image in the browser and then paste it with the paste button. once you have finished you hit "save" in the appbar. on the recipe detail page you can either click "edit" to make changes to your recipe or click"duplicate" to make a copy so that you easily can create mutliple version of your recipes. Also cann you print recipes or send them to your friends via email using the charm bar.


  • Import recipes from the web using the form
  • Print recipes
  • Share recipes over email
  • Duplicate Recipies for different versions

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25 May 2015

I just tried using it and when I went to save my first recipe the app crashed. I tried to enter information in again and it crashed again. Don't waste your time with this app.


20 January 2015

It's user friendly, but only because it's so basic. No options for personalization. Just click add, type in the recipe, and save. You can add a picture and put the url of where you found the recipe. It works.


26 October 2013

I just loved this app, but twice now when I had saved a recipe it had crashed and lost everything I put into it! I'm uninstalling. I have no time for this crap!


25 August 2013

It took me awhile to get used too - but now I LOVE this app! It's so handy for saving recipes too :) One thing that would make me love it more though would be a tags option - so I could search up chicken for example and chicken recipes would come up etc. Otherwise love this app 9.5/10 would definitely recommend to friends!


3 August 2013

Just crap, don't waste your time. I put in a dozen recipes and now their just gone! I don't have time for junk!


31 March 2013

I spent the last few hours typing in all my favorite recipes I use and some I have crated on my own. Now there is nothing there. So I am guessing it crashed. I don't have the time to recreate it again. So I am deleting the app. After a second time I tried to redo my recipes and it crashed again. What a waist of time.


11 March 2013

This is more of a question than a review. It states that this app features email and print options. How would I do these things? I can't seem to locate a print or email button. Thank you!


14 February 2013

Don't waste your time with this app I can't get it to anything and am trying to find a way to delete it from my start menu


1 February 2013

Just what I was looking for. .....all I needed was a way to store all my recipes that I have accumulated online and viola here is a simple app that is perfect! Love the space for the url also and the being able to copy the photo! Totally in love with this app!


4 January 2013

This app is wonderful: you're not bridled to using recipes from a particular brand or website, since its not pre-loaded with any. Every recipe in there is yours, whether its an old family secret you updated from your grandma's cookbook, or one you found online and now cannot live without. Really like the simplicity, especially the box for URLs in each new recipe you add. The one thing I'd like, for just a little aesthetic, is a place to upload a picture in each dish. Other than then, great!

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