Recipe, Menu & Cooking Planner

Pepperplate is the only app for serious cooks - it has all the tools you need to cook weeknight dinners or host a dinner party for 12. Manage your recipes, create menus, shop with ease and cook like a pro on Windows 8, the web and mobile devices.


  • Create recipes on your Windows device.
  • Take your Windows Tablet into the kitchen and cook your whole menu with multiple cooking timers.
  • View recipes, edit and cook while you browse the web or check email with the Pepperplate snap view.
  • Share your favorite recipes with friends and family via Email, Facebook and Twitter.
  • See your most recent recipes, menus and today’s cooking plan on the homepage.
  • Import recipes on from your favorite sites.
  • Combine recipes into menus for dinner party or holiday meal planning.
  • Organize meals for the week or month by adding menus and recipes to the schedule.
  • Add to your shopping list on the website, and it automatically syncs to your Windows device.
  • Shopping list is automatically organized to match the order you shop in the grocery store.
  • The COOK NOW feature allows you to set multiple timers for all of the recipes in your menu.
  • Create your own unlimited categories to organize your recipe collection.
  • Your collection synchronizes from the website and is backed up on your device automatically.
  • Take your entire recipe collection with you to the store or while traveling, no Internet connection required.
  • Live Tiles show today’s scheduled menu.
  • Custom snap views for recipes, menus, shopping, planning and cooking.
  • Internet Explorer can share to Pepperplate from supported recipe import websites.

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22 July 2016

I great app for keeping a database of recipes. It will sync between web, computer and phone app. I wish that it had drag and drop capability and a more customizable grocery list.


19 April 2016

I loved this app when I was only using it on my surface. When I got a desktop I was very excited, because the keyboard and screen are much easier to use. The recipes I had already entered on the surface transferred fine when I put the app on the new computer, and I went to work adding new recipes (about 50 of them) from the desktop, thinking I could access them in the kitchen from the more portable surface. Not so. I have tried everything to get this app to sync on both devices, but the surface still only displays recipes typed on the Surface. There is no print function, so I have been taking photos of the recipes I need with my phone for now. Planning to switch to a better supported app, even if I have to throw down $5 on it.


21 September 2015

I made a recipe and went to add it for an evening meal on the planner it asked for everything all over again. I went to shopping list it should have pulled up a list from the dinner I added and asked me to deselect everything I had already. thus presenting me with a new shopping list of what I have to get. An option to print anything would be nice. so a great start but not a final product by far.


26 August 2015

This program fails to provide an arrow to back out of the CREATE RECIPE portion of the program to get back to the MAIN MENU where the recipe can be saved! OR a SAVE button should be added to the CREATE RECIPE section of the program to make this worth using!


22 August 2015

Forgot PW. How can I get a new one


1 August 2015

I love this app and have spent a lot of time adding recipes to it but the shopping list feature is terrible! I'm having issues with it "refreshing" every few minutes and deleting most of the items on my list! I then have to clear it, go back to my menu, add the items again only to have it "refresh" and do the same thing a few minutes later! Please fix! I really wanted the ease of having an electronic list with my recipes right there at my fingertips but I'm scared the list will disappear mid-shopping trip!


30 May 2015

Pepper Plate is a wonderful app on IOS but the Windows touch version is sorely lacking. No spell check, shopping list categories don't collapse when they're checked off like they do in the IOS version. The app is generally clunky and unattractive. I love Pepper Plate. My wife and I use it every week. I hope they fix the Windows version now that we're using Windows tablets.


1 May 2015

Has great possibilities but needs adjustments. I like the website better.


28 February 2015

I'm sure this would be lovely, but I am not able to log into my existing Pepperplate account because I created my account online through facebook. The Apple app lets me log in through Facebook, but it is not an option in this app. I attempted to log in using my facebook "email" and the password, but it says that it is "invalid." Very poor design.


13 February 2015

I installed this app a while back but used it for the first time today. Created 2 recipes with no problem. Finished the third one and now the app freezes up. I can open the first two recipes but the third won't open. I can't return to the main screen but I can change to my shopping list, menu etc. I tried shutting down my computer and restarting but that didn't fix the issue. I really thought this was going to be a useful app so I'm very disappointed that its stopped working on my first try. Managed to fix the problem when I logged on to the Pepperplate website but the photos for my recipes still aren't showing up.

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