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    Release 14.1, 14.2, 14.3, 14.4: - Bug fixes. Release 14.0: - iXplain now supports an infinite canvas. Use 2 fingers to pan or in case a pen is deteced use only 1 finger to pan. - There is better support for using a pen. For example the eraser button on the Surface pen is supported. - It is now possible to set the folder for saving recordings and videos. For example when setting them to a OneDrive folder, they are automaticaly backed op to OneDrive. - Images can be added as foreground or background images. A foreground image can be moved around in the recording while the background image is locked to the slide. - When doing a quick recording, the images have to be selected in a list before doing the actual recording. When the image list is set before the recording, one can now already save the recording including the image list. This provides a template functionality in order to create recordings even more quickly. - The images in the image list of a quick recording, can be drag and dropped onto the canvas. - Undo/Redo functionality is improved because it now supports every action done in a recording. - Adds are removed from the app.


iXplain is a screencasting app for recording a lesson or to explain something. It records your voice and pen, and you can use images to annotate on them. It creates a mp4 video file which can be easily shared through email, upload to Facebook, YouTube or other social media.


  • Ability to record your voice and pen drawings at the same time
  • iXplain can import images
  • It can export recordings to video files (mp4)

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22 March 2016

Really good except for some dots not erasing


24 November 2015

add new page option to quick recording and this app would become an awesome note taking app.


31 October 2015

I am a high school math teacher and I use this to record myself making videos of math. This is a great option for recording a screen write... I use the quick recording much more then the base recording. Ive used the base recording once, and it was a little more complicated then I thought and ended up recording for half an hour without sound. I have liked everything that I have used so far. Would recommend.


26 October 2015

I like how you have an infinite whiteboard to work on while creating a video. I wish there was a paint fill feature instead of just a pen.


11 October 2015

When I try to save my work after working hours gave error. And no contact info is given on anywhere for asking help.


31 August 2015



6 August 2015

This is a great tool for any virtual sales person.


22 July 2015

I like the app's screenshot and I do like the app.


9 July 2015

This is a great app.


14 June 2015

I thought that this app was something similar to Doceri, but it wasn't. This app is more difficult to work with and unlike Doceri you can't upload a Microsoft Presentation, and then be able to write or talk through it. Overall, I would not recommend this app to other users. This app was very disappointing!

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