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25 June 2015

On my pc when this app is set to US English the world news section displays all articles in French. And the politics section seems to only display articles from Canada. From the small version number I'm guessing that Reuters isn't devoting many resources towards the maintenance of this app.


6 June 2015

Please correct


27 May 2015

If it is true that all news found in the World news tab must be read in French, that is cause for me to uninstall. Sorry but I do not read or speak French and neither does most of the World. There does not appear to be a way to change that. I have already selected English as my language of choice and yet World news is all French. Disappointing.


25 May 2015

Can someone please explain why the World News is in French when everything else is in English and the only language options are American English and UK English.....


23 May 2015

I could have given it 5 starts, but not because of following reasons 1. World news section is in French. It should be in English. 2. Many news items are duplicated.


24 February 2015

But the app has a few bugs. Some news sections are in French, but my language is set to US English. Also, I get Canadian political news, which is fine, but I can't get the American political news section to work.


24 December 2014

The Android variant is a pleasure to use vs. this variant. Also, installed app seemed to believe I was in Canada and thus gave me Canadian news. Spent many minutes searching for settings before I gave up.


20 December 2014

Reuters support worst I've experienced in years. Person assigned to look into the world news only displays in UK English else I French if US English selected was, well, incompetent would be kind. Sent me unintelligible steps to take to set my BING Search engine to US English (which it already is) and claimed there is no Reuters app, just extensions to Bing? He had no idea what he was doing so after weeks of emails with support to try to get them to even recognize a problem, time to uninstall and move on. I hope Reuters financial services support people aren't from the same pool of idiots.


16 December 2014

Excellent news source!


12 November 2014

If the language is set to US-English then every article under the "World" heading is in French. If it wasn't for that I would give this app 5 stars.

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