With a Rhapsody music subscription, you can think of a song and play it instantly. Rhapsody is your new music collection complete with entire albums and artist hits spanning the decades. Try Rhapsody now and start your 14-day free trial There’s no limit to what you can do with Rhapsody. Automatically sync your playlists and library between Rhapsody’s website, home-audio devices and smartphones. Kick back and listen to truly ad-free radio from almost any artist or genre.


  • Dive into a catalog of millions of songs
  • Play full-length albums and top tracks
  • Create playlists for any occasion
  • Save all your favorites to your library to play whenever, wherever
  • Discover new music with Rhapsody radio – listen by Artist or Genre
  • Hear it first with New Releases every Friday
  • Enjoy rich-album imagery and intuitive navigation throughout the app

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7 May 2016

The old Windows desktop app was so much easier to maneuver/manage. This looks horrible and it's hard to navigate, and you can't fast forward through a song, you're either forced to listen to the whole song or skip it.


4 March 2016

What an incredibly useless app. I subscribe to Rhapsody so that I can sync to supported devices, download for offline use, manage playlists, etc. If I wanted a streaming radio player, there are plenty of free ones. Btw, 30 minutes and the app is still trying to load my recent playlist. Junk. Don't waste your time.


20 January 2016

I can't go to my account or search anything or download songs


11 January 2016

it is missing the offline mode.


19 December 2015

Totally love this app great music and so far no bugs and you do t have to hastle with downloads either just pure amazing


1 December 2015

So you have to pay... there's not even the option to sign up without giving your card info... sucks


26 November 2015

The app is awesome any song you can think of they have....


22 November 2015

I want to punch this app in the face. SEARCH - PLACE A SEARCH BAR ON THE MAIN PAGE. Don't make users pull their hair out to locate it. SETTINGS are abysmal - NO option to choose folders or streaming quality, et al. I've been a member since 05' and this is complete coding vomit. It makes me want to run to Apple Music. FIX THIS GARBAGE.


12 October 2015

This app was OBVIOUSLY conceived and designed by an IT person, and not a user! It is NOT intuitive, has NO search feature. I went to the HELP file, but it was useless, as it had screen captures of screens that looked NOTHING like the ones coming up on the app I installed. When you have something that works, and works well. LEAVE IT ALONE! I worked in IT for over 45 years, and retired in 2013. I learned that if the users aren't involved in the design, and final testing, the app is bound to, at best, be hated, or, at worst, fail miserably! This app fails.


1 October 2015

I agree with most of the recent reviews of this app. I've been a loyal Rhapsody customer for years, and this is by far the WORST interface they have ever come out with. It is completely nonfunctional. None of my playlists show up, my music library is empty, and when I try to play an album it continuously skips to the next song and never actually plays anything. I agree with other users, if this were my only access to Rhapsody I would definitely cancel.

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