RocketGirl is the greatest game ever made. Take control of a beautiful heroine and grab a stolen rocket. Can you help her escape, with an army of baddies in hot pursuit? Stunning visuals. Awesome soundtrack. Non-stop action. Are you up for the challenge? REVIEWERS LOVE ROCKETGIRL: "Playing Rocketgirl is a little like flipping madly through a scrapbook of random [CENSORED] under a nightclub strobe light while buzzed on your poison of choice." -- Leif Johnson, Playboy's The Smoking Jacket "Prepare yourself for full-on sensory overload!!!' -- OtakuDante, OtakuDante's Gaming Inferno "This game, is indescribable, and no words can compare to seeing Rocketgirl in action." -- Marc Kusnierz, "Having a seizure real quick… BRB!" -- MikeB, Indie for Breakfast


  • A girl on a rocket
  • High speed chases
  • Explosions and things
  • Frickin' lasers
  • Military craft of dubious origin
  • Good girls
  • Bad girls
  • Bad girls who don't like you and can operate military weapons
  • At least one large carnivorous dinosaur
  • Other guy stuff

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13 October 2013

Could not get he game to operate at all. If it ever starts working let me know!!!


9 October 2013

Nothing good about it.


19 January 2013

Nothing to keep you wanting to continue playing.


5 January 2013

Three stars for a bizarre yet enjoyable game; one additional star for the graphics.


13 December 2012

I downloaded this on XBOX 360 it was in Indie section. Its the exact same game as the Windows 8 version. This game is just like Jetpack Joyride, only thing its the adult content, check that game out as well(Jetpack Joyride), search for it on Windows 8. Well anyway this game is ok, a bit better to see the game women in the game LOL. It gets a 3 stars either way.


30 November 2012

I don't get it


23 November 2012

If you go into this thinking "epic game" then you will probably not like it. if you go into it thinking "campy game with over the top retro graphics and random 'distracting' women with crazy music" then you will love it. It's simple, and its a game that's been done to death. I like this version because it has the "hey, why not?" attitude. Like the Movie Snakes on a Plane, it embraces campy. So if you LIKE campy, you will like this.


21 November 2012

I just download this trial and I feel dirty plz don't.....


20 November 2012

Five stars for being a funny game. Not really that great otherwise


19 November 2012

It feels like this game was made using a really horrible game creator. They just add girls in bikinis to try and get people to download it expecting something x rated.

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