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    Version 1.1 contains the following changes: - Added support for importing and exporting .OPML files from and to the local file system. - Added support for importing and exporting .OPML files via your SkyDrive account. - Fixed the subscription feed search function. - Added next/previous article buttons when in "expanded" or "snapped" modes. - Added an internal subscription list backup function to protect against the list being damaged or corrupted. - Various minor feed compatibility improvements.

RSS Central

RSS Central is a powerful and easy to use application that can download and display RSS, Atom and RDF news feeds from web sites all over the internet. Its quick multi-download system will bring all the news feeds you want to your fingertips in no time, and will hold on to them so that they can be read even if you lose your internet connection. RSS Central features an attractive and informative user interface, a feed search to discover new news sources, article search tools, sharing capabilities, article summary and full web page displays, read/unread article tracking, a live tile, support for international characters, useful send to email/text message features, portrait and landscape support, import/export of OPML files, plus a whole lot more. RSS Central's trial mode is fully featured, and just displays occasional "nag" screens while using the application. Please give it a try and see what you think.


  • Attractive and functional Windows 8-style user interface.
  • Streamlined navigation to make using the app as quick and easy as possible.
  • Fast application startup to get you straight into your feeds without having to wait.
  • Feed search function to help you discover new feeds and news sources, or enter feed URLs manually.
  • Live tile shows unread articles and article spotlights.
  • Share articles using email and your installed social networking applications.
  • Search for keywords within feeds to help you find articles of interest.
  • Import and export your subscriptions in .opml format.
  • Automatic tracking of read and unread articles. Choose to hide read articles and read subsciptions if you wish.
  • Send article details to your Instapaper account.
  • Full support for portrait and landscape orientation, and for running in "snapped" mode.

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28 April 2015

this is certainly very good, HOWEVER the Windows Store app is a version. completely different than Windows phone with several different feeds also and no file sync with a Skydrive login on both phone and PC.


12 November 2014

I buy the windows phone version and works great, but when I'll do the same with the PC version (Yes, I'll have to buy it again) and try to run it, it appears to start with the RSS Logo then wait for about 2 or 3 seconds and it closes automatically with no reason. After wait a long time, I have NO RESPONSE FROM THE APP... I hope I don't loose my money on this PC version. I'll try to use the support through the store and I have bad luck with it. If you know how to contact or solve this, please, I'll accept solutions.


6 September 2014

feeds do not refresh


3 July 2014

Really happy this is available for both Windows Phone and Windows 8 devices. Works pretty well. The only thing I could really use out of this RSS Reader is: 1) Dark Mode (This isn't a problem on WP, but is on this version of the client). 2) Instant syncing of subscriptions between devices. It's a manual import/export process atm and it's kind of clunky. If I integrate OneDrive, the app should be capable of exporting/importing subscriptions automatically.


26 December 2013

If you would like to avoid proprietary stores like Google Reader or Newsblur and instead store your feed list in a portable OPML file in your Skydrive account, this is the fastest, most easily used reader on the market. Worth every penny. If you want to also sync with a Windows Phone, this app is glorious since the interface is extremely close to the Windows Phone version of the same app.


7 November 2013

I use it for all my rss feeds, worth buying


6 September 2013

Now thatbi have understood how this works, it is a great way of digesting all sorts of info.


22 July 2013

Downloaded the demo and I'm very impressed! One recommendation is to add the ability to rename/edit category names. My rating would increase to 5 with that feature.


12 July 2013

All of the websites I normally check are now conveniently located in the RSS Central app on my Windows 8 start screen. Love it!


9 July 2013

love this program it is the best RSS Reader for Windows 8 but for the past week it has started to take a very long time to refresh the subscriptions. Today it will not refresh the feeds at all. Program now is useless, Is there a solution?

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