Rune Reading

Explore the secrets of the Norse Gods and the Viking Mythology with our Rune Reading app. Give this method of divination a try right now and you will never look back! Runes are an oracle from which one seeks advice. Each Rune has esoteric spirit and the Rune Reading has been used from the ancient times as a way to connect with higher mind, consciousness, and other dimensions. Call the power of the Runes to read your future and learn your destiny with our intuitive application that enhances the quality of decision making. Whether you have love or any kind of relationship issues, facing obstacles in your career, or you have any problems in your private life the Rune cast is a great place to start. Rune readings can be enigmatic, intriguing but sometimes with obscure meanings. They hint toward answers, but you have to figure out the details. Runes are leaving interpretation up to you and your intuition to define the answer. Runes work best if you detail your current circumstances and then ask a specific question. Runes Reading provides • One Rune casting (Odin’s Rune) - Draw a single rune for your question • Three Rune spread (Norn Spread) – 3 Runes represent your question’s past, present, and future. • Ten Rune Spread (Celtic Cross Spread) - is used to give an in-depth understanding of you and your current situation. • Useful handbook of all Runes meaning and magical correspondences. Added ability to share the predictions.

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16 May 2016

Very good reading, very close to what is troubling to me, gave a good reading.