Save My Penguin: Brain Booster

During a scientific expedition in Antarctica to study the penguins and their environment, something went wrong. Half of the expedition camp that had been built near the edges of the Antarctic ice sheet, suddenly disconnected from the rest of the surface, due to an unexpected increase of temperature. So now there is a huge Iceberg that is floating in the middle of the southern ocean. The tragedy is that there is part of the scientific equipment, big ice cubes and some cute little penguins that are trapped in some wooden boxes, all piled on the iceberg. Between the equipment there are some really dangerous TNT boxes that could possibly explode and kill the penguins. These small aquatic birds needs your help to get out of this dangerous situation. Save the penguins by blowing up the ice cubes and white planks that separate them from the TNT boxes, in order to make the explosive boxes fall into the water. It will not be an easy task, as you have to pay attention that you do not throw the wrong boxes overboard by mistake. In fact the ice berg is surrounded by 2 greedy hunters a polar bear and killer whale that are just waiting for their meal to fall into their jaws. You can also use the super bomb to produce a shock wave that will blow many boxes in the air. This game is a challenging physics based game with gravity and each level requires skills and big logic to be solved. Choose your moves carefully to get on with the levels and pay attention to the wooden planks between the boxes. Train your mind and increase your IQ in this free puzzle game. Features: - High quality 3D graphics - Sweet character - Different cool animations - The mega bomb - Realistic physics - A lot of challenging levels - Simple but addictive game play Advise: In order to get more points you need to smash the floating cube tower in the shortest time possible by making the nasty dynamite boxes fall down into the icy water. A new amazing physics puzzle game hit the market for your entertainment!