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  • Category: Games / Card
  • Published by: Alessio Regalbuto ?
  • Size: 58 MB
  • Supported processors: x64, x86, ARM
  • Language: English (United States) and 1 other language ?
  • Learn more: Website & Support
  • Notes:
    - Added new cards: --- Abbruzzo's cards --- Bergamo's cards --- Gradesi cards --- Piacenza's cards - Added choice for automatic or manual take of cards on the table - Fixed problems of previous release


The famous Italian card game arrives on Windows 8! Now with sounds and music! Dedicated to all Italians around the world who want to play with their tablet or their computer during leisure time. Up to 4 players at once can be inserted into a game, each configurable to be human or artificial (challenge against the computer). The rules of the game are simple, and you can view them on Wikipedia, with a link embedded in the app. The game does not use Internet connection, and all the games are playable offline. For hints and tips post your comment in the Store, this version of the game is free for a limited time, so enjoy! Update: scores of Primiera fixed Previous updates: - Multiplayer Games (Beta version) with Facebook Login - New Graphics - Incremented animation speed - Scores and online profile stored in a remote Database - Create your players name, avatar, and even voices! - Record your voice and when you hear the Broom! - Choose the background you prefer in the game screen - Now all your preferences are remembered not to enter them each time you start :) - Simplified user interface - Added sound effects and shot with Avatar UPDATE 2 - Improved players management - Added blinking buttons to help user for first use - Removed popping sound during the game (many users disliked it) VERSION - Enhanced the online gaming system - Now touching a card, the game automatically takes the corresponding single card or combination: if there are many combinations, the user can choose the one he prefers - Improved management of the scores on the Server - Added extra checks to make quickly find an online opponent -Since now, the list of offline players will be shown along with the online players' list VERSION - New elegant GUI - Voice recording optimized for your characters - New Avatars taken from the website http://www.pixeden.com/ - Now Man and Women playing! With different voices - More opponents generated by Computer - New music Give your feedback to improve the game :)


  • Multiplayer Game
  • No Internet connection needed
  • Up to 4 players supported
  • Includes music
  • Touch support
  • Music volume editable
  • Sound supported
  • Music supported
  • Added complete games with the 11 scores for the winner
  • Different card decks
  • Avatars and voice recordings for players!

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17 October 2015

I don't speak Italian but I was able to pick up the game quite easily. I really enjoy playing it.


3 October 2015

great game to pass time with. Brings back memories of younger days in Italy playing this game with my younger brother


12 August 2015

Love it! Fun program. Even if you don't know how to play, you can turn on the tutorial until you're comfortable.


22 July 2015

What I like most about this game is you can play with 2-4 players. Good challenges!


22 July 2015

Instead of saying "Scopa," players laugh. Fun.


4 July 2015

The game holds true to the Scopa rules except when there is only one card down at the end of the game and the last player has the match and picks it up. This is not a Scopa as they are the last two cards played.


8 June 2015

First of all, I really LIKE this version. Worth a download. only issue is that I wish I knew when the last hand was. Also, a small glitch - if you make an illegal attempt to take a combination of cards when the exact match is available, it correctly reminds you that you can not, BUT then it won't allow you to make any further plays. I had to restart the game.


27 May 2015

just want to play against 1 other


12 May 2015

I really enjoy this game! There is one thing I'd change. I don't like having to select the players after each game. I'd like to keep the same players I selected when I first started playing. But, give the option to change the players if you would like.


2 May 2015

I just wish that there were other people to play this online with but it was made to play vs the computer. It is not true that you can play online with other players, not even on Facebook.

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