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    12/19/2017 Release 62 reducing ability to create a game if Name is invalid 12/13/2017 Release 61 more performance improvements 12/04/2017 Release 60 adjusting some performance points. 11/16/2017 Release 59 fixing authentication issues and limiting authentication to Microsoft only 12/8/2016 Release 58 adjusting authentication providers, minor changes to second keeper capabilities 11/23/2016 Release 57 Adjusted correcting scores by right click or press and hold features 4/4/2016 Release 56.5 NEW! Game Analytics interactive reports; adjusting downloads to include all games for the scorekeeper. 2/24/2016 Release 55 Fixing game upload feature and a couple other minor adjustments 1/2/2016 Release 54 Adjusting code for app opening errors 11/25/2015 Updating the description to improve search results 11/1/2015 Release 53 Updating the description 8/24/2015 Release 52 -adjusting Create Game feature for some minor issues. 4/28/2015 Release 49 -adjusted create game placeholder text, change to progress ring when switching books, added a couple metrics, creating packages to fit OS 4/13/2015 Release 48 -adjust Load Games feature 4/8/2015 Release 47 -made adjustments to reduce crash concerns and speed switching books 3/30/2015 Release 46 -adjusting Pinning Games 2/20/2015 Release 40 -added capability to add player notes, player photos and see roster Questions: email scorebooksupport@outlook.com


ScoreBook Basketball Score Keeping is a digital and mobile score keeping system for basketball coaches, statisticians and fans. The app offers the ability to keep both home and visitor team score books and has built in scoreboard functionality tied directly to book entries. Team fans; at home or in the stands, can subscribe to games and will enjoy receiving game updates through push notifications of Toast and Live Tiles. Reporters and scouts will find it easy to use Scorebook for both live and historical information reporting and gathering. Scorebook saves information to the cloud providing a ‘real-time’ rich experience for both score keepers and fans. Scorebook also saves data locally on your machine for a disconnected mode. While these data operations occur in the background the application remains responsive to the user. ** For a 'lighter' version check out ScoreBook Lite in the windows store. NEW - GameAnalytics improve the outcomes of your games through visual insights, this feature allows users to analyze games like never before: benchmark your team to other teams, locate trends and graphically display player details. NEW - TableStream is an in-app purchase allowing teams and facilities to live stream score board information directly from the scoring table to WIFI direct connected devices and further extending live score board information to device connected very large screen HD TV's. Now teams and facilities can replace existing scoreboards with their choice of HDTV panels. MaXPreps* is a leading prep sports information aggregator. Scorebook is a registered stat supplier for this system. Scorebook creates two extract files the user can email; through ‘Share’ to his or her MaXPreps administrator and the administrator can then import the file into the MaXPreps system. All: This free trial includes all features for you to enjoy and is offered for 7 days. The store price includes basic scoring features and views – as if the application was not connected to the internet and grants a permanent license to this release. Score Keepers: Special features; tracking shot location, add players from previous games and MaXPreps integration can be acquired through in-app purchases with a time limit of 6 months. Score keepers automatically have access to the games they kept and do not need to subscribe to them. *Pricing example for a score keeper: $11.99 for application license (after trial) + $4.99 for SelectPlayer in-app offer (after trial) = $16.98 total. Fans: Fans can subscribe to game information, including toast and live tile notifications. These subscriptions are tiered based on time intervals of 1, 3, 7 or 30 days and can be purchased at any time. All previously subscribed games and games selected and starting during the subscription time window will always be allowed access to that games information. See in-app offers details for tiers and pricing. Pricing example for fans: $11.99 for application license (after trial) + any game subscription tiers they select (after trial) . In-app offers: ShotLocation 9.99 USD 180 days duration MaXPreps 9.99 USD 180 days duration SelectPlayers 4.99 USD 180 days duration GameSubscription_1 2.49 USD 1 days duration GameSubscription_3 4.49 USD 3 days duration GameSubscription_7 6.99 USD 7 days duration GameSubscription_30 17.99 USD 30 days duration Prices are subject to change. *MaXPreps is a trademark


  • Create games easily
  • Easily share game images on Twitter or Facebook
  • Easily track made/missed shot locations
  • Export game details out for use with MS Excel or with MaXPreps sports systems
  • Review and analyze previous games
  • Fans can subscribe to both live and historical game information
  • Fans receive live Toast and Tile notifications as the book is being completed
  • Fans can 'watch' multiple live games right from their start screen

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22 May 2015



1 May 2015

I haven't used this in a live game, but it looks like it's the best scoring app by far. The app has lots of cloud based features for connecting to actual scoreboards, and live streaming and retrieving past rosters. Documentation on how to use is scarce, but it's pretty intuitive. It's rapidly maturing.


29 March 2015

App has all the tools necessary to score a ballgame, but just too many bugs that get in the way. Slow team transitions, confusing UI, especially closing out games and getting back to the home screen. App also crashes repeatedly. Will be worthwhile if they can fix these, but until then save your money.


9 February 2015

Definitely love the concept and direction they are going with this. Great help and response from Support team. Hope the development keeps going and this will become a 5.


6 January 2015

So far, so good. I will try this app out at my son's game this Saturday. I hope it is as great as advertised! I can't wait!


13 December 2014

This is crap


3 December 2014

App is solid as is, but developer continues adding enhancements. App includes scoreboard, scorebook, shot chart, and statistics capabilities. Touch screen friendly, so easy to keep up while scoring, and really cool to be able to see the shots made and missed on the shot chart.


16 May 2014

When Checking Boys for new game auto crashes the app


30 March 2014

If you are looking for a simple easy to use stat tracker, don't get this one.


18 March 2014

We used this application throughout our basketball season. It is easy to setup games, simple and intuitive for tracking scoring information. One of the most valuable features is the ability to see made and missed shots at half time.

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