Sector Y

As the last pilot in Sector Y, you will have to avoid asteroids, space mines, and roto-slashers to beat the highest score in this suicidal mission. See how long you can hang on this one-way trip through space. A new take on a classic!


  • High Definition Resolution
  • Infinite gameplay
  • Simple controllers

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10 December 2013

Maybe the best vertical space shooter I have tested..... lots of heavy battle action ......this is worth trying folks...... cool touch features, the ship teleports from place to place, gets you out of trouble fast.... tap to shoot and tap fast to shoot faster...... this one just plays great.... love it


29 November 2013

Cool asteroids!


28 November 2013

This game looks and feels great!! Just needs some extra challenges


26 November 2013

keeps you entertained. good game.