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    1. Added ability to protect and view videos 2. Added in-app photo/video capture 3. Added option to enforce login when the app is deactivated 4. Added ability to export selected albums 5. Added option for quick encryption for faster data access 6. Fixed a stability bug (app crashes when scrolling the list view while deleting/adding photos. 7. Fixed several other displaying bugs

Secure Album

It is very common that someone may use your computer/pad and may accidentally (or even intentionally) see your personal photos/videos that you don't want them to see. Even worse, when you lost your hardware, your personal photos/videos might be easily accessed and used illegally. The App is designed to secure your private photos/videos. It uses password-based symmetric encryption to encrypt your personal photos in a quality-lossless way. The app also provides fundamental photo/video management functionality like Album, Zoom, Slide Show, Playback, etc. so you can manage and view your protected photos/videos easily. [Exclusive] Many of the data protection software encrypt your data by using static keys. The safety of your data is totally depending on the safety of the key. Unfortunately, the keys are usually stored within the software and can be easily obtained by reverse-engineering tools. Imaging that a trained hacker cracked the key and the encryption method used by the software, and created a decryption tool for that software, and uploaded it to internet. All of a sudden your data is no longer secure. An untrained person can use the tool to crack your data easily. We instead uses dynamic encryption key which is only known to yourself. So when the software's encryption method is compromised, your data still remains secure. The hacker need to crack your encryption key to access your data and that is usually not easy especially for an untrained person. By using dynamic encryption, you gain higher security for your data. IMPORTANT NOTE: 1) The App doesn't change the original copies, please dispose them properly. 2) When you uninstall the App, all data will be removed permanently. Please backup data before uninstalling or keep your original copies safe and secure.


  • Password-based Photos/Videos encryption
  • In-app view/playback with no trace
  • In-app photo/video capture
  • Exclusive] Dynamic encryption for better data security
  • Exclusive] Quick encrytion option for faster data access
  • Photos/Videos/Album management
  • Lossless data export

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26 August 2015

it started out easy for one folder now I want to add another and it is not allowing


12 April 2015

There's no instructions that come with this to instruct how to add albums or files.


16 March 2015

How do you import a picture!!!!


27 February 2015

I cannot see my videos it just shows a picture and sound


27 January 2015

how do you import files....


28 December 2014

thanks so much for a good product for my pictures.


26 December 2014

How hard is it to make an easy to find icon to load photos??? I thought I was pretty savy with computers, but I could not figure it out. Wasted $1.49. On to the next app.


8 December 2014

Not sure what this app did with my encrypted album, but one day all of the images I had secured were gone. That loss represented a huge number of scanned document images for paperwork I no longer have access to. I will not use this app again.


7 December 2014

Keeps asking me to select a new album but no place to actually find it, deleted it shortly after


12 October 2014

Still no update to fix their problem, Ibeeare of buying their product.. This app doesn't work correctly. Once you set it up, and enter program it confines to freeze up and goes back to your main screen.... really big problem.. ToppDogg

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