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FatFinger™ Field Automation – Field tickets, Run tickets, JSA, Safety Audits & Inspections NOTE: This app requires an enterprise account prior to login. To setup an account, please contact us at Collect, automate and visualize field-based paperwork to improve profits. Eliminate time spent on manual reporting, paperwork and administration to increase your profits. It's a complete mobile cloud-based solution to automate all your field based paperwork by using a simple FatFinger™ app. SEE Forge eliminates paper work and spreadsheets so you can easily collect, monitor, do predictive analytics in real time and notify employees and systems for faster response to increase your profits. SEE Forge is the energy industry’s premier field automation platform for collecting, visualizing and analyzing field-based processes. And it uses FatFinger™ technology to make it so easy even the clumsiest of employees can use it. “SEE Forge helped us lower the error frequency rates by 86% while lowering our materials wasted by 79% in less than 3 months. Everything about SEE Forge is super simple, so it’s easy to customize and has the up-to-the-minute format that you want to use. Gotta love that!” - FatFinger™ app designed for sausage finger non-tech people. Extremely to use! - Online cloud-based Command Center to track all activities - Automate the paper process to increase revenues - Real-time reports and dashboards to give analytic into your business - Integrated to any systems (QuickBooks, ERP, SAP etc) - Increase cash flow and profits - Improve invoice accuracy from e.g. field tickets - Reduce labor costs - Real time reporting to improve operations - Reduce the Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) With SEE Forge for iPhone and iPad you can: - Use your phone to fill out any type of form, saved in the cloud - Works beautifully offline in remote locations - GPS and map view reporting - Value Dashboard™ to measure costs - Gamification KPI™ improves performance - Push & Pull operator notifications - DataWash™ to automatically wash your data to spot anomalies in operations - Custom branding with logos - Access best practices form templates - Build and manage your own forms and templates - Create, edit & manage your users - Create workflows, assign tasks and track actions - Reporting, analytics & dashboards - Full user control panel with various access levels including audit trail and remote shutdown - Export your data any time (MS Excel, CSV, PDF, SQL, MS Word...) - Integrates into any of your existing IT systems (e.g. QuickBooks and SAP) - Advanced security and data backup - Custom installation & development - Personalized Customer Support and Training Filling out paper based forms such as filling out field tickets, JSAs, safety audit check lists, pre-start checks, safety observations, maintenance, inspection reports and such is a thing of the past. Whether someone is reporting a field ticket, safety hazard, JSA, quality, inspection or that a machine requires servicing, SEE Forge ensures that employees can capture any issue, any time, any place using their mobile device. Common forms and work flows you can build in SEE Forge (and much more) - Field tickets / Run tickets - JSA/JHA - Inspections - Audits - Maintenance - Vehicle inspections - Incident reporting - Daily safety meeting - Observations - And any other type of forms Try SEE Forge today and improve operations, lower your safety risks and increase your profits.

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9 July 2015

I try to use this app on Windows Surface. It is very convenient to use. Excellent.