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  • Supported processors: x64, x86, ARM
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    - Simplified links for Completed & Future (unstarted) Tasks - Ensure keyboard shortcuts still work in snapped mode - Enable right click renaming of tasks - Bug fixes


Rated "BEST TASK MANAGER ON SURFACE PRO". A simple, easy to use but powerful todo list client with synchronization to the fantastic online service, Toodledo - with inline editing, instant syncing, full offline synchronization and dynamic live tiles including a useful Windows 8.1 large tile view of your most important tasks. SharpTasks supports dedicated 320px snapped window modes to fit seamlessly alongside your other applications as you work. SharpTasks becomes a very powerful todo list manager over non-syncing applications when combined with the powerful features of Toodledo - for example: - Daily emails to remind you of your most important tasks (as configured at http://www.toodledo.com/account_edit.php?edit=1) - The ability to email items into your todo list, very useful for sending items into your toodledo list (and hence SharpTasks) from most other applications (http://www.toodledo.com/tools/connect_email.php) - Email / SMS sent to you when task alarms are hit (http://www.toodledo.com/tools/alarms.php) - If you have an iPhone or iPad, Toodledo's own native iPhone/iPad app will synchronize with your windows PC and SharpTasks. NEW: If you are a Silver+ Toodledo member, SharpTasks now supports SUBTASKS to help you group tasks into a single parent task. This project is under constant development, please help with the prioritizing of future features or bugs most important to you through: http://sharptasks.uservoice.com or twitter: http://www.twitter.com/sharptasks Don't forget that there is a fully functional 30 day trial!


  • Synchronize with tasks, folders, contexts and tags on Toodledo.
  • Add new tasks to inbox (right click or ctl-n to bring up the app bar menu)
  • Edit task properties directly inline (folder, context, priority, status, due date/time, tags and notes).
  • Full featured dedicated Snap mode.
  • Add edit and remove folders & contexts
  • Offline synchronization
  • Search charm (just start typing and the search will initiate)
  • Add new tasks directly to a task group
  • Show completed tasks
  • Alarm functionality
  • Ability to delete tasks and sync with deleted tasks on toodledo
  • Live Tiles & Background Updates
  • Start date filtering
  • Ctl-D to insert current date and time into text areas
  • Repeated tasks
  • Filtering - right click or swipe down on groups on the main page to filter by them
  • NEW: Customizable task ordering and grouping
  • NEW: Bulk editing of tasks (right click or swipe enabled)
  • NEW: Configurable default priority
  • NEW: SUBTASKS support for Silver+ Toodledo members

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28 April 2015

There are a lot good views for organist tasks and reviewing tasks. But it is missing a field to enter the length (aka duration) of the task


29 December 2014

I so want my money back and wish this was possible. I purchased this app thinking that I could easily add tasks to the app from my Gmail. Unfortunately that was the first disappointment. The link that is provided in the app description does not work. To add to this disappointment I have spent the better part of the hour trying to figure out how to add a tasks. The most simplest and basic function should not be difficult. The task shows up in Toodledo but not in ST, even after I sync. I have been using 2Day and found it easy to use but the Toodledo bookmarklet no longer works in Gmail so I thought I would try the "best task app in the Windows store." Particularly since it says that it will do this. I believe myself to be a quit study when it comes to applications, but this is ridiculous. If anyone can help me understand what I may be doing wrong please share. Otherwise this is a waste of $6. I wished that I had heeded my first instinct during the trail period and not install it.


27 September 2014

I love the app! The new update is wonderful and syncs great with toodledo...the only reason I did not give the app 5 stars is that it does not yet support goal integration in the app. PLEASE ADD THIS!


26 July 2014

I might be missing something but I've installed this app and it does not display some of the functionalities that you see in the screenshots available in the store. For example, no tags. Not impressed.


12 April 2014

I'm at a loss why this doesn't have a higher rating. It supports every feature you'll find in Toodledo. I'm so far very happy with this app. If everything keeps going well, I'll definitely purchase after the trail. I've looked at a couple others and you won't find one this detailed. And please don't be an a$$ and give it a low rating because you don't like the interface. I'm personally happy with the clean look. Good sorting options. Entering the date could be a little easier but nothing major. Keep up the good work dev! Basically, stop looking and don't waste your time with other task apps!


24 March 2014

I have been trying to use Toodledo on and off for a few years. I really enjoy so much about the program, it just isn't that easy to use the bulky spreadsheet style task tracking. But, I do love to track everything Toodledo allows me to track. I have a full membership and track lists, notebook entries (bye bye evernote), and even files. But I still never worked it into a full system... until SharpTasks. I couldn't be happier with this ap. It works great. It works fast. It hasn't crashed on me yet, and it syncs with Toodledo all the time. I think most importantly it has a GUI interface that really makes doing and tracking tasks easy. The "Inbox" feature alone takes any tasks that you add to toodledo on the go and they await in Sharptasks for when you sign in and can look at them. I think this is what Dave Allen and GTD is all about with the capture method. OK anyway, I love this ap. Thanks for SharpTasks. Jeff Stine


3 February 2014

UI is just horrible - uninstalled immediately - very strange way to display todo's


10 January 2014

It's useful and the sync works great. The developer says he is still adding features. I really like the 30 day free trial. It shows the dev believes in his product. I paid after 10 days to support his work!


3 January 2014

I think this app is a great start as it supports live tiles, syncs perfectly, and supports an inbox. The UI is clean and simple as well. The biggest thing holding this app back is no subtask support. This is an essential feature for me and I am very disappointed that this app does not include it. Hopefully it a future update it will have it. I also wish you could customize what is shown in the live tile. It seems to be random.


31 December 2013

As a toodledo sync capable to do app it is coming along nicely. It seems with each new update one more thing that bugs me disappears or a new feature makes it better. Will get 5 stars when all toodledo task options are replicated in new task setups in SharpTasks. Love the 1/4 screen snap option and it really bugs me that it does not stay in the same screen after a sync but goes back to the home screen.

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