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    - Added Last 60 Days and 1 Year weight stats - Added some basic weight statistic: Total Gain/Loss in Last 30 days, 90 days and 6 months - Added ability to track Goal Weight, along with showing it on the graph. - A couple bug fixes

Simple Weight Log

Are you trying to loose weight? or, gain weight? If so, then Simple Weight Log will allow you to easily log and track metrics on your progress. All compiled data is plotted on a graph to allow for easy visualization of the full history of weight measurements collected. The applications live tile also displays the most recent weight measurement logged so you can always see where you currently are right from the Windows 8 home screen.


  • Simple and easy to use
  • Graphs weight history to show metrics over time
  • Tracks goal weight and tells you how much further you have to go
  • Show how much wieght you've lost/gained in last 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, 6 months and 1 year
  • Data syncs across all your Windows 8 devices

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10 July 2016

For ME it works great; I'm just a simple guy!


20 February 2016

I started using this app today, and so far its easy.


2 February 2016

This is an amazing app. I recommend it for everyone.


21 January 2016

Excellent tool to have to actually see your progress.. positive as well as negative.


18 December 2015

This is the easiest app, ever...! It's so simple; every morning before I step in the shower I quickly weigh myself, enter the data, and all the work is done for me. In fact, it took me twice as long to write this as it does to manage my weight, health, and future using "Simple Weight Log".


5 December 2015

good way to see your weight goals


4 December 2015

very beautiful app. Very super .I love Simple Weight Log . Great app for everyone. Wow. Simple Weight Log help you very much. I don't have time for describe it. Is Wonderful app.What think You?


7 November 2015



3 October 2015

Simple and easy to use.


27 September 2015

You can see the weight loss, but the 30,60,90 and a years loss are all the same all of the time. They never differ from each other. Also when you reach your goal weight it always says you have more to go to reach it. The upside is you have a graph to see the loss and it keeps track of the dates and weights. Good luck on your weight goals what ever they maybe.

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