Simply Sudoku

Made by Sudoku fans, for Sudoku fans. Simply Sudoku brings natural drag and drop gameplay to this classic game enjoyed by millions all over the world. Unlimited Puzzles! With each game generated on the fly by our Sudoku Engine, you’ll simply never run out of games to play! The Drag and Drop Future! Fed up with having to tap multiple times just to place a number? We were. That’s why with Simply Sudoku, you quite simply drag and drop your numbers onto the board. It really is the future! Quick Notes! We understand speed is of the essence when playing Sudoku, so that’s why we created Quick Notes. With simple swipe gestures you can quickly and easily add or remove notes to each tile. Novice or Master? With difficulties ranging from Easy to Fiendish, Simply Sudoku has something for beginners and experts alike.


  • 4 Difficulties to play! Easy, Medium, Hard and Fiendish
  • Auto Generated puzzles mean you’ll never run out!
  • Over 40 Achievements to unlock
  • Auto Save means you’ll never lose your game
  • User-friendly interface makes Sudoku accessible to everyone
  • Drag and Drop controls allow for quick and natural gameplay
  • Quick Notes allows for notes to be added and removed with a single click

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8 January 2013

I love this tablet but hate the Sudoku choices on Win8. I thought this might be a winner, but the first puzzle I completed did not have a unique solution. I'm still reduced to playing Astraware on my Android phone. It provides a clever way to make notes, which is awesome. Please, spend some time with popular Sudoku puzzles on other OSes and try again. Plus, make it more legible. We don't care about themes, only about good puzzles and gameplay. Keep trying.

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