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    Windows 10: Fixed sleep timer not running in the background. Windows 10: Updated sound engine

Sleep Bug

One of the best rated white noise machines on the market. Superior in sound contents: 24 scenes, 83 different sound effects and more than 300 different sounds ensure that everyone will find an ambience matching their needs. Sleep Bug is an ambient sound mixer that produces a variety of scenes and music with random sound effects. The built-in sound generator creates a realistic listening experience to help calm a busy mind and is perfect for adults, children, and babies who are having trouble sleeping. You can also use sleep bug in the office to mask out distracting noises, improve concentration, and increase privacy. So don’t delay, try Sleep Bug today. Improve your mind and improve your life, through sound! More than 3.000.000 users worldwide! With a rating average of 4.75/5.00 Sleep Bug is one of the best rated white noise machines in the Windows Store. Try it out! -------------------------- -- FEATURES -- - 24 High quality scenes each with multiple sound effects. - Play scenes in the background while using other apps. - High quality graphics. - Clock and date display. - Sleep timer. - Individual sound effect volume. - Customize scenes with your favorite sound effects - No ads! - GREAT USER SUPPORT! -------------------------- -- 24 SCENES -- Sleep Bug includes the following scenes: Beach – With birds, chimes, ship horns and waves Music Box – With bells, birds, guitar and piano Zen – With hok, bamboo, drum, strings and chants (zen scape without voices) Zen Garden – With hok, bamboo, drum and strings River – With birds, insects, frogs, lightning and wind Forest – With birds, wolves, eagles, bird wings and music beats Jungle – With tigers, parrots, drums, monkeys and frogs Classical – With violins, cello, drums and solo violin Fire – With birds, burning wood, crickets, lightning, wind and owls Waterfall – With streams, trees and birds Weather – With lightning, rain and wind Lullaby - With violins, cello and solo violin Want to expand your Sleep Bug experience even further? You can also purchase the full version with 12 extra scenes: Horror – With ghosts, screams, chains, doors and owls City – With birds, bikes and cars Clock - With chimes, mechanical and pound Dreams – With bass, bells, pad loop, pads and organ Train – With carriages, horns and passing trains Sci-fi – With static noises, voices, flares, U.F.O’s and space wind Airport – With planes taking off, music and announcements Outback – With snakes, didgeridoo and chimes Winter – With ice cracking, walking in the snow, bells, music and pads White Noise – With pads, 528Hz noise, wind and waves Underwater – With sonar, whales and bubbles Dark Drone – With storms, aggressive additions & mellow additions -------------------------- To learn more, check out our webpage at: http://www.sleepbug.com


  • 24 quality scenes for free each with multiple sound effects to choose from
  • Sleep timer
  • Individual volume control for each sound effect (Windows)
  • Background audio support so you can use other apps while listening (Windows)
  • Customize scenes with your favorite sound effects (Windows)
  • No ads

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24 June 2016

Love the sounds from the Sleep Bug. We have been using a C/D player and have to constantly restart it. I think that this will be just what we need.


21 June 2016

wow! I love this app.. thank you for making this one. it's relaxing to the ears and it helps my baby niece to go to sleep.


23 May 2016

I love it puts me right to sleep


4 May 2016

I use the different sounds and music on Sleep Bug every night it's been such a help in relaxing and getting a good nights sleep. I love all the different sounds and music that is available


1 April 2016

I have this on my Surface 2 for use at work, and also on my main home computer, the one hooked up to 5.1 surround in the bedroom. It's great to fall asleep with these sounds, or to ease the tension of another day in the IT department. 😄


22 February 2016

great for relaxing and meditation


17 January 2016

Lovely, tranquil sounds, my fave is the river.


6 January 2016

very nice to fall asleep to reminds me of camping


2 January 2016

Love the options of sounds and the sleep timer!


29 November 2015

Outstanding! So relaxing, I could have it play all day.

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