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    Release 5 (Dec 2012) *Improve support for devices with no location services. *Update quantity label for specials to indicate sale quantity. *Fix city/state label to show the correct value for returning users. Release 4 (Nov 2012) *Bug fixes Release 3 (Nov 2012) *Real-time list sharing between Windows 8 and Windows Phone. *Bug fixes Release 2 (Oct 2012): *Bug fixes

Smart Shopping

Smart Shopping is the best way to create your shopping list, plan your meals, and find inspiration with hundreds of healthy recipes. New for Windows 8, Smart Shopping takes full advantage of Windows 8 touch, Live Tiles and integration.


  • Recipes, local offers, coupons and interactive shopping tools -- all in one app!
  • Revolutionary shared Shopping Lists tied to real products.
  • From Apples to Zucchini: Search thousands of offers in all your favorite stores.
  • Save time and find inspiration with hundreds of healthy recipes.
  • Save money with recipe ingredients tied to local offers.
  • Browse local offers and coupons from over 70,000 grocery stores, drugstores and farmer's markets.
  • Import recipes from popular food and lifestyle websites on the fly.
  • Take full advantage of Windows 8 touch, Live Tiles and integration.
  • Build and share interactive meal plans and manage your shopping budget (coming soon)

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28 September 2015

1. I wish there was a way to mark or save the recipes. 2. My preferred store does not show up in "Add preferred store" although it does show up on some of the products I found. About the best free shopping list I've found so far, but that's not saying a LOT, because the rest of them are total crap, so it doesn't take much to shine in this arena. This one is at least somewhat interactive, and someone took the time to edit the spelling.


3 September 2015

Only the shopping basket page opens.


2 April 2015

like changing the quantity of items, and the range of stores was a bit far. The organization makes you wonder if the people designing it have ever actually been in a grocery store. Bakery and Baking goods are not the same. Could be great but as is it is just so-so.


8 March 2015

Love the way this app works on my Windows 8.1 phone but theta won't sync and apparently I am too dense to figure out how to create a new shopping list on the PC version.


21 October 2014

Best shopping app in the store for groceries.


11 August 2014

I live in San Diego and Im finding tons and tons of food stuffs listed...but no cleaning products, which coincidentally is why I originally installed the app. I have tried many different Ca zips NorCal, Central Valley and Socal however I cant get the cleaning supplies aisle to pop up. Its the same for my windows phone too. Please tell me what I can do to add that aisle! Thanks!


16 July 2014



21 May 2014

It wont even start. It attempts (in vein) to load, then boots me back to my freaking start screen! Not exactly what I had hoped for. This was the most promising grocery app I could find, and it wont even load. Extremely disappointed!


27 April 2014

Excellent App for me to utilize! Very easy and efficient.


24 March 2014

Very disappointed, unable to get this app because it would not accept my postal code like H1M 1A2 it is Montreal Québec.

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