Space Hedgehogs vs Space Cacti

Set in a universe that was peacefully cohabited by space-faring civilizations of Hedgehogs and Cacti for eons, this one-touch, real-time hybrid strategy/action game begins when one dark, fateful night, the Cacti suddenly attack. The Hedgehogs put up a brave fight, but the element of surprise is strong, and a great many planets are lost to the invading Cacti. Only then do the Hedgehogs realize that during the last period of peace and prosperity the Cacti have been secretly building immense battle fleets equipped with the latest in Cacti military technology. Although the Hedgehogs bravely and bitterly resist, they are technologically outmatched, and their losses are great. And so now, one thousand years later, the once-great Hedgehog civilization has been reduced to a handful of planets still within their control. You, and only you, can save them and lead the Hedgehogs back to their former glory - or plunge them into complete demise. The fate of the entire civilization rests on your shoulders. Do not disappoint.


  • 11 powerful fleet upgrade items
  • 11 special single-use items, including Asteroid Strike and Death Ray
  • Two gameplay styles - instant battles or player-guided, action-packed battle scenes
  • Campaign, single game, or timed challenge modes
  • Control your entire fleet with just a couple of touches
  • Use multitouch to split your ships into several groups for different attack strategies
  • Three difficulty levels
  • One or two AI opponents in Single Map mode
  • Local and global high scores
  • Intense, driving music and awesome sound effects

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5 April 2014

The scenario and the game is great. Too bad there are multiple rodoculous bugs. First: you cannot turn the sound off. Second once you toggle the selector to see the battle detail you cannot turn off the feature anymore. Finally the game crushes often so save your game often


5 November 2012

Ya is it a strait forward kind of game and it could use more upgrade options as well as have the appoint counter attack. but it is still fun.


28 October 2012

Game crashes when loading, but it's working when doing new game. If it is fixed it's worth 4 or 5 stars.


22 October 2012

Like the addition of building upgrades for buildings. Turning off quick battles is nice but losing to a force half your size seems unrealistic. The battles need some tweaking. Other times I have seem a much larger force end up being tiny in the battle and I quickly beat them. Planetary defenses only worked for the opponents, my own never showed up in the battle. Fix a few things and this rating goes up. Also, having a way to auto send ships would be nice and select a group of planets.


16 October 2012

Fun but combat is repetitive.


28 September 2012

Gameplay is similar to Eufloria to me, great game.


19 September 2012

great game I love it you shuld try it


10 September 2012

Awesome take on the planet jumping strategy game. Nice mix of strategy and real time action.