Space Wars

Your planet is being attacked by an alien army. As wave after wave of alien warships make their way to Earth, you are the best astro-pilot and have been sent to the front lines to take out as many of them as possible. Shoot the alien ships, but don't let them hit you. Once you take in too much damage, it's Game Over. You have limited ammo between reloads, so make sure you fly like the A-list fighter pilot that you are. Controls: - Arrow keys to move (Up Down Left Right) - D to stop your ship - Spacebar to shoot - P to pause and un-pause the game. Touch controls: - Swipe up to move up, swipe down to move down - Release touch to stop your ship - Tap to shoot - Snap to pause/ unsnap to resume game This app does not require user login or collect personal information


  • Aliens
  • Space

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11 December 2013

the control is confusing


27 November 2013

Decent controls and effects.