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  • Published by: Codefather - Tadeusz Wojcik ?
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  • Supported processors: x64, x86, ARM
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    Version 1.1.7: - high DPI related fixes for top navigation Version 1.1.6: - fix bugs which caused unhanded exceptions - improve refreshing authentication token logic - show toast notification longer Version 1.1.5: - improve handling account with large room count Version 1.1.4: - Remove voice control Version 1.1.3: - Fix a bug with sending invalid tweet status messages (URL to non existing tweet) - Fix a bug with GIF uploads previews - Add link to Emoji cheat sheet in top navigation bar

Spark - Campfire for Windows

"Spark is a gorgeous Campfire experience for Windows 8" - Windows Phone Central “Great looking Campfire client for Windows 8+” - Jason Fried, founder of 37signals Spark is a modern, full-featured, fast and beautiful client for 37signals Campfire chat designed to let you do what you need and get out of your way. If you have any issues, feedback, or feature requests, please email spark@codefather.io. Get Spark to have the best Campfire experience on all your Windows devices!


  • Fast and intuitive interface — works great in snapped mode
  • Advanced notifications settings (sound, live tiles, toast, unread counters) — customizable per room level and per each keyword
  • Upload multiple files at once, paste files from clipboard or take and upload photo using camera
  • Inline previewing of images — whether from uploads, image links, or from a number of other sites (YouTube, Dropbox, Instagram, Imgur, Twitpic, 9 GAG and many more)
  • Support for multiple Campfire accounts
  • Full emoji and Campfire sounds support and autocomplete
  • Highlights any messages that mention you
  • Ignore enter/leave messages
  • Favorite rooms
  • Built-in search and transcripts support
  • Share to Campfire room using share contract
  • Show user avatars (from gravatar service if avatar is not specified in Campfire)
  • Customizable timezones - based on Campfire server timezone or local device timezone
  • Animated GIFs support
  • Real time streaming of messages for instant notifications
  • Background support - get notified even if app is not running
  • Roaming support - get consistent experience across all your devices

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23 December 2014

1) Does not log me out properly, no easy way to quit. 2) Constant API issues. That may be coming from Campfire's side, but still, far from ideal. I don't get that with the Mac client I use.


14 May 2014

I'm really digging this app. I especially like the live tiles for pinned chat rooms. That's a really nice feature.


6 January 2014

This Campfire client easily takes the top spot for Windows. It's fast, functional, and has the most important features needed to use Campfire effectively. Well done!


23 December 2013

User of campfire for years on my Mac and recent PC owner I love this app. It's beautiful, it works well. Campfire in IE11 browser keeps disconnecting me. With this app everything is fine. Great job!


22 December 2013

This is a great campfire app. I sit in several campfire rooms everyday, and this app makes it really easy for me to participate without missing anything. Keep up the good work!


14 December 2013

Been using it since Beta, great app, love UI and notifications system! Almost ditched Campfire in favor to competing solution, but this app changed my mind.