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  • Language: English (United States)
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    We've Added Unlimited Dictation time! Best FREE Travel Tool, Dictate/Translate Voice/Video Call/Flight Track/Photo OCR/Facebook Chat/International Calling with Translation/Currency Conversion/AIM/Yahoo/Facebook Chat with translation/ You Spoke and we listened! Introducing the revolutionary SpeechTrans Remote Mic (PATENT PENDING) with SpeechTrans Ultimate 3! You can now use any telephone to dictate into the app. Simply press the Remote Mic button, enter your phone number and then answer the phone. Whatever you say will show up on the screen! No More 55 second recording limitation, no need to even have a Mic on your computer! Increased accuracy due to the fact that internet connection speed and Mic config is no longer an issue. Free Trial to everyone for SpeechTrans Remote Mic! If you have any questions please feel free to visit our website to speak with our 24/7 customer service chat. Click anywhere in the app and change the language dynamically while in a call to have the translation happen in real time. Works with the SpeechTrans Bluetooth Wristband Accessory, speak into the wristband which pairs to any phone and it will type what you say on the screen! http://speechtrans.com/product/wearables The app that instantly erases communication barriers. SpeechTrans is the world’s only app that allows us to use Speech Recognition for Dictation, Translation and Chat with people from around the world without worrying about language differences.

SpeechTrans Ultimate

Stay in touch with your friends or meet new ones while being able to Communicate with ease and learn a new language in the process! Now use your Telephone as the Microphone! Now works with Zapier! Connect SpeechTrans Dictations or Translations directly into Salesforce, Outlook, Exchange, Wordpress or over 400 different apps! Find out how at speechtrans.com/api Introducing SpeechTrans Ultimate , the app that instantly erases communication barriers. SpeechTrans is the world’s only app that allows us to use Speech Recognition for Dictation, Translation and Chat with people from around the world without worrying about language differences. Product features include: •Universal: Allows you to instantly speak many languages with the power of your voice. •CHAT: Meet new people from all over the world or connect to your existing social networks for Chatting with Facebook, AIM, Yahoo, Gtalk and communicate easily with Voice to voice translation. •SPEECHTRANS DICTATION: for emails, notes, and more •SPEECHTRANS TRANSLATION: Speech recognition in 26 Languages and have it instantly speak the translation aloud •INTERPREPHONE: Unlimited international phone call capability with or without automated translation •PHOTO OCR: Translates images, including billboards, menus, documents, and more •Flight Tracking and Currency Conversion SpeechTrans works with AIM, GTalk, Facebook Messenger, Yahoo, and other chat programs to translate both voice and text-based communication in the following supported languages: •Arabic •Chinese •Czech •Danish •Dutch •English US •English UK •English Australia •Finnish •French EU •French Canada •German •Greek •Hungarian •Italian •Japanese •Korean •Norwegian •Polish •Portuguese •Russian •Spanish EU •Spanish Mexico •Swedish •Taiwanese •Turkish Speak naturally and understand foreign languages within a matter of seconds thanks to SpeechTrans. Powered by Nuance. "SpeechTrans saved my patient's life." - Alex Hamburger, EMT • 99% speech recognition accuracy Powered by Nuance, the same people who power Siri’s Speech Recognition • Recognition 26 languages • Male or female voice • Cut and paste text to be read aloud and translated • Voice to voice translation • 60 seconds of recording time • Free lifetime updates on new languages • Works in Docked Mode • Lets you connect to all your friends from around the world or make new ones! SpeechTrans Ultimate is powered by Cloud technologies which incur ongoing costs for us to maintain for each translation, due to this we are giving away a 7 day trial for free and then offering a monthly subscription for $1.99 for unlimited use.*


  • Dictation
  • Translation
  • PHOTO OCR Translator
  • Text To Speech
  • Chat with all your social networks
  • Dictation Powered By Dragon Dictate from Nuance
  • Cloud Storage of all your previous translations
  • translator
  • Facebook Chat
  • Meet New People from around the world!
  • Google Talk
  • AIM Chat
  • Yahoo Chat
  • Instantly Speak Another Language
  • Docked Mode
  • voice commands
  • Developed and designed in part by Microsoft!
  • zapier
  • 44 Languages
  • dragon

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27 November 2014

Very much useful app and very easy to use indeed :)


25 November 2014

Its amazing really helpful. I used the app while meeting very accurate. Great job :)


8 November 2014

Although I don't know why the chat and the translation are al bundled, I appreciate that they can be used in combination...Now if what I say could be sent directly to Wechat,, or Whatsapp or my text messages, it makes a lot of sense.. And if the dictation could be sent directly to my Word application, even better..But as it stands, it looks good


5 August 2014

I love speech trans ultimate


28 July 2014

Amazing translation app its very accurate. Remote mic feature is great and awesome chat platform. Love this app


2 July 2014

Save the time and don't download, it won't let you log on, it says "Login Failed"


22 April 2014

I tried this with English (me) and Chinese (my wife). If I speak slowly and distinctly in phrases, without slurring (like a newscaster), it is almost acceptable. But the delay (maybe 5 to 10 sec or so) in producing the response is completely unnatural. Spontaneous speech it is not. If this could be improved (especially the speed), it would be well worth the wait. BTW, make sure you have your default microphone set to the one you want to use. The app doesn't let you select a mic from within the app, not does it tell you which one is being used. Not everyone remembers at all times which mic has been chosen (outside the app) as the default mic. It certainly has potential. Definitely would rate as 5 stars if it were improved. For now - 3 stars only.


26 February 2014

No point.


19 December 2013

We greatly appreciate your feedback and are working hard to improve SpeechTrans Ultimate. We have taken your feedback and integrated new features in this latest update. With a new and improved version scheduled for release early next year. We are adding chat to SpeechTrans to help fulfill our mission of ending global language barriers. The vision is to enable people from all over the world, regardless what language they speak, the ability to communicate in real time with each other by using our Chat platform. Please keep sending your recommendations to helpdesk@speechtrans.com and with your help we can eliminate language barriers worldwide and build a better tomorrow. Thanks Sincerely, John Frei, CEO SpeechTrans Inc.


20 November 2013

Habla demasiado rápido, aveces las palabras no se distinguen. Seria muy bueno que por lo menos se pueda escuchar la grabación a una velocidad mas baja, para distinguir mejor cada palabra.

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