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    8/20/14 HUGE Update! Checkout SpeechTrans 4.0. Now you can use any telephone as your Mic! New Speech Engine, Translation, Engine, and much faster response. Introducing the Revolutionary SpeechTrans Remote Mic! Now you can use any telephone as the Mic to dictate into your PC! Free trial and requires in app subscription purchase. Check out more info on speechtrans.com First and Only Speech to Speech Translator for Windows 8 UI. Allows Speech Dictation in 34 Languages and Text to Speech Voice Translation Output. Now with Free 7 Day trial!

SpeechTrans Translator

Instantly speak in any language with the worlds most advanced speech to speech language translator. "★★★★★ SpeechTrans saved my patients life by Alex Hamburger Version " Get the only app you will ever need for translation! ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ SpeechTrans changes the way people travel, conduct business, and communicate. "★★★★★ As seen on Fox, NBC, USA Today, and Wired Magazine" "★★★★★ Awesome App! by Armstrong Lee 1.0 It Works! The app changed the way I travel. I am no longer nervous about going to a foreign country because I know I can use SpeechTrans to talk to the Locals! The accuracy is incredible as long as you speak in your native tongue. The voice translation is clear and not robotic, definitely worth the money!" Never be at a loss for words on your next trip abroad. With the most sophisticated voice recognition feature developed by Nuance, you will be amazed at how easy it is to translate into other languages within seconds! With SpeechTrans you can also dictate status updates directly to your Facebook and Twitter or send emails and reminders to yourself… all using the power of your voice. Features: * SpeechTrans has Speech Recognition and Voice Output in the following Languages: Arabic Chinese Czech Danish Dutch English (US) English (GB) English (AU) Finnish French (CA) French (EU) German Greek Hungarian Italian Japanese Korean Norwegian Polish Portuguese Russian Spanish (Mex) Spanish (EU) Swedish Taiwanese Turkish * Ability to Cut and paste text from other APPS for it to be read aloud and translated * App Requires a Data Connection to translate


  • Speech Recognition powered by Nuance!
  • Text to Speech
  • Language Translation
  • Removes the need for an interpreter
  • Speech Recognition Powered By Nuance Inc.!
  • Saves conversations for review
  • Allows you to see translation history and easily speak new languages
  • Used by Students, Doctors, Business People, and Travelers!
  • Voice Dictation
  • Nuance Dictation
  • Voice Translation

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25 November 2015

No matter what language, typing or talking, the results are always the same: "not recognized". Already uninstalled.


28 February 2015

The translation works on my Surface Pro 3, at least for a couple foreign languages I know. I had hard time with voice playback though. Company's customer service was quick to response and the problem was resolved. I have installed SpeechTrans Ultimate - it works fine, text-to-speech part included.


22 December 2014

I had to deal with the tech department because my app kept denying me access.... the head of tech (and I will add the company president even intervened)... locked both of my emails out... kept me from getting access... and on one account set it up with a misspelling of my name and unauthorized email account... that still did not work... they even had me attempt to upload other Speech Trans apps... which wouldn't let me gain access because of this..... so after over 2 months of this and then them seeking remote access to my computer to fix the mess they couldn't... I refused and un-installed... would not want that leading tech into my computer....ohh-hhh and their final solution before I dropped them was to offer a free year though I couldn't get access... I wouldn't let them walk my dog... let alone recommend them for anything.... and the only reason they got a 1 star rating was because I couldn't submit this on anything less..


3 June 2014

It installs, but does not work. So totally disappointed.


3 December 2013

I give you one star only because of the effort u put in. The interface should start off with a tutorial of how to use the program first. The translator which I used did not at any time get a complete 50 to 100 word in a conversation nor in a request correct. There were a lot of improper communication gaps and improper sentence structures. The best translator so far and still is GOOGLE TRASLATOR!!! Which can be used for free on any Device!!!!!!!!!


13 October 2013

windows 8 laptop. D/L app. and will not open properly goed right back to the Apps page


20 June 2013

recognise korean well


13 January 2013

I am using this app to talk to my husbands relatives who just flew in from france and don't speak English. The expression on their faces was priceless when I spoke for 1 minute in English and it translated everything perfectly into French and spoke it out loud! Definitely worth it. The app uses machine translation so translation may not always be 100% accurate, but it works over 95% for me! The speech recognition is 99% in my experience however!


28 December 2012



19 December 2012

This app helps me too much, but I also want to translate Vietnamese. I hope this app will update soon.

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