Speed Reading

You probably read many things every day: newspaper, emails, books, letters, reports etc. So maybe reading is a skill that you should improve? Average person read at a rate of 200-250 words per minute. You can increase your reading speed. Just learn the methods presented here and practice them for a few weeks.


  • Simple theory
  • Application keeps track of your reading speed progress
  • Exercises - training for your eyes

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28 July 2015

Good advice, and simple exercises that are probably helpful if you stick with them.


4 March 2014

+ There are few grammar and spelling errors in the instructions, but sense you're trying to speed read, you may over look them. + Nicely laid out with different sections such as Start Here (what to expect), Theory (very informative), Reading Speed (manual input speed tracker), and Exercises (fun activities) + Overall, the app is very simple and since it is free, it may be worth downloading, but I don't see it being a valuable tool to drastically improve reading speed. The brain of the app is in the four exercises, which are all number recognitions based on Schultz Tables.


22 September 2013



20 August 2013

The software is extremely basic. The red background used in this software is not a good color choice.


4 August 2013

I am not a fan of reading really, but the exercises have really helped me improve my ability of focus and accuracy while reading. They are also fun; however, my eyes hurt when going back to the start screen, because they have to re-adjust to the bright colors.


9 May 2013



13 February 2013

The app is basically suggestions on how to read faster, it does not do anything. The first test is the following: "Take a book and a stopwatch, read as many words as you can during one minute ant write it down" The exercises is interesting but the UI of this app is extremely bad so it is unusable.


3 January 2013

its cool app


27 October 2012

great flowing the training you will find you eye....... completely amazing