Sri Lankan Eventography

Party Hard ? Entertainment events addict ? hang out with friends much at events ? too much of outings ? ;) Then surely you must be looking for those unforgettable moments which has been captured by various photographers ! Having too much trouble going through hundreds of photos ? searching for event pages ? event management pages ? photography pages ? too much time waste ? Then here is the Solution just for you, "Sri Lankan Eventography" ! A lot of Photographers from different Photographic firms and Event Management crews captures those still memorable moments of these events. We know that a lot of people, specially the young generations are very enthusiastic of making their memories in those events memorable and they can not wait to check out the photographs that has been captured at those events. Therefore we came up with this simple Solution, "Sri Lankan Eventography" - A Centralized Portal for Event Photography in Sri Lanka. We simply bring all the event management and photography pages to one place and let you access them in a very easy to use, friendly, interactive way. We bring an ultimate experience of viewing event photography. Stunning visuals, interactive user experience blended together along with a faster and easier access and lookup. Are you ready for the ultimate experience ? ;) Cheers ! :D ( [ÇøŋfuzëÐ SøurcëÇødë]


  • View all the latest Event Photography and Albums published on the top Facebook Event Management and Photography Page
  • Easily Search through all the Event Photography albums and view them within seconds like never before
  • Search for any Event Photography Album in one place
  • Share your favorite Photos right from the app with Facebook or any other Social Media Network
  • Download and Save your favorites Event Photos to your Photo Library
  • Play Slideshow of each and every Photography Album
  • Photo Gallery - An Amazingly Stunning view of Event Photography Showcase for each and every Page
  • Random Stream - A Stunning Stream of Photographs of Albums available
  • Photography Canvas - An Amazing collage view of Event Photographs
  • You can simply view Images using the Arrow Keys in your keyboard in the One by One View Gallery.